The Hero

A week and a half ago I went to see “The Hero”. Throughout the summer I had a mild interest in seeing movie. I knew that it was one of those movies where if I didn’t see it in the theater I would probably never see it. Since I had both the time and the … More The Hero

The Big Sick

A couple of weeks ago I went to see “The Big Sick” with my mom. With the exception of “Alien: Covenant” there haven’t been any “summer” movies that have interested me this year. Thankfully, there has been enough counter programming to keep me interested in going to the movies. I really enjoyed “The Big Sick”. … More The Big Sick

Paris Can Wait

Like most people I find that there are lots of ups and downs to my job. There are times that it feels like it is crushing my soul and there it times when it lets me fly free. The times when my job most allows me to fly free is when I am able to … More Paris Can Wait

The Beguiled

I grew up loving Bill Murray, so in 2003 when there was so much buzz around his performance in “Lost in Translation” I was excited to see the film in the hopes that he would score his first Oscar nomination (which he did). When I emerged from the theater after seeing “Lost in Translation” nearly … More The Beguiled