Bridge of Spies

On Tuesday I finally got around to seeing “Bridge of Spies. When I first so the preview for the movie over the summer I was mildly interested, mainly because I have a fascination with all the drama that came with the cold war. I feel like if the movie had come out twenty or even … More Bridge of Spies

Mad Max: Fury Road

When I was eight yeas old I saw “Max Max Beyond Thunderdome” a bunch of times because it was always on HBO. I remember really liking it, although I haven’t seen it in many years. As much as I liked it I never saw any of the other original Mad Max films. When I heard … More Mad Max: Fury Road


My family and I went to see “Rocky 4” on Christmas Day 1985. There isn’t much I remember from that Christmas thirty years ago, but I do remember braving the cold Colorado winter night with my  parents and sister to go see that movie. I also remember going to see “Rocky 5” the day before Thanksgiving … More Creed