On Sunday my husband and I went to see “Fences”. It was the ninth and final Best Picture nominee that I needed to see before the Academy Awards air this coming Sunday night. I love both Denzel Washington and Viola Davis and I had been interested in seeing this film since the first time I … More Fences


This past Thursday night my husband and I went to see “Lion”. I had a moderate interest in the film since December but hadn’t gotten around to seeing it yet. When it was nominated for Best Picture it became a must see for me. After seeing it I have to see that it really is … More Lion

La La Land

On the second weekend of February my husband and I went to see “La La Land”. When a movie has clear front runner status to be named Best Picture at the Academy Awards it’s easy for it to be a love it or hate it film. For me “La La Land” is neither. I didn’t … More La La Land

Hidden Figures

The first weekend of February my husband and I went to see “Hidden Figures”. Much like “Hacksaw Ridge”, which I had seen three days before, I probably wouldn’t have seen this film if it hadn’t been nominated for Best Picture which would have been a shame because it is a good movie. Considering the place … More Hidden Figures

Hacksaw Ridge

On February 1st I enjoyed a half a day off of work and saw “Hacksaw Ridge”. It had been a very, very long time since I had seen movie starring or directed by Mel Gibson. And to be quite honest if “Hacksaw Ridge” wasn’t nominated for Best Picture I probably wouldn’t have seen it despite … More Hacksaw Ridge


Back on New Year’s Day my husband and I went to see “Arrival”. I had wanted to see the film since it came out in November but there had been so much going on during the holidays and so many other films to see during that time that we didn’t get around to it for … More Arrival


Back on New Year’s Eve day my husband and I went to see “Passengers”. Going into the movie we knew the basics of the plot and it seemed interesting but the real reason we saw it was for the two stars. We both adore Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence and the ever so sexy and … More Passengers