The Lobster

Last Thursday I went to see “The Lobster”. When I first saw the preview for the movie back in the spring I thought it looked a little too weird for me. However, as the summer went on my interest began to build. It became one of those movies that I knew I needed to see … More The Lobster

Money Monster

Last Sunday night my mom and I went to see “Money Monster”. I had a moderate interest in the film when it came out because of Julia Roberts and director Jodie Foster but I hadn’t gotten around to seeing it until now. The film was good, but not great. There is no doubt that the … More Money Monster

Finding Dory

A few weeks ago I went to see “Finding Dory” with some friends. From 1995 until 2010 I saw every Pixar movie with the exception of “Cars” but after “Toy Story 3” I just wasn’t as interested in their stuff as I had been in the past. As a result “Finding Dory” was the first … More Finding Dory