Three weeks to Peru!

I picked up my Nuevo Sol currency for my trip to Peru with my mom. We leave in three weeks. As luck would have it some of the extra things I ordered including a rain poncho and rubber tips for my hiking poles also arrived today. It’s getting close now!     Advertisements

The Eiffell Tower

For some reason I’ve always had an affection for the French language and French culture. When I entered middle school there was no doubt in my mind that I would take French instead of Spanish. Looking back I recognize what my parents and sister told me. Spanish would have been more useful in my day … More The Eiffell Tower


This weekend my husband and I went to see the movie “Belle”.  Although I do want to see latest “X-Men” film it has been a long time since I braved the crowds to see a summer blockbuster on opening weekend. Instead we decided to see this small but excellent historical film. If you aren’t familiar … More Belle

The Broadway Theatre District of Downtown Los Angeles

Last Saturday my husband and I continued our project of viewing Downtown Los Angeles through the eyes of a tourist. Having already explored the arts district we next set our sights on the Broadway Theatre District, home to the largest surviving group of old style movie palaces in the country. Once again we began our … More The Broadway Theatre District of Downtown Los Angeles