Game of Thrones…Season 4…Episode 6

Unlike most TV shows “Game of Thrones” does not show its entire cast each week in the opening credits. The cast is just too large for that.


Last night I saw that there was no Maisie Williams, which of course meant that there wasn’t going to be any Arya. That made me sad. I love that character so much but I guess since we were given two Arya scenes last week I can’t really complain.

The episode began with Stannis Baratheon and Ser Davos arriving at a new location for the show, Braavos.


Stannis had gone to request money from the Iron Bank to make another run at King’s Landing and the Iron Throne. While at the meeting with the bankers Stannis insisted that he is the only man that has a legitimate claim to the throne. He also said that Tommen, and Joffrey before him, has no claim because he is a bastard born of incest. Although I think it is super obvious that Tommen is Jamie’s child I have to often remind myself that for most of the characters in the universe of “Game of Thrones” it is merely just a rumor. A rumor that does not get Stannis what he wants. The bankers refused to give him any money because he has no collateral and because of their obvious relationship with Tywin Lannister. I’m not a fan of Stannis but he is better than Tywin. I suppose if the only two options of who would rule Westeros was Stannis or Tommen (controlled by Tywin) I would choose Stannis. Luckily, those aren’t my only options. The fact that the bankers rebuffed him obviously won’t stop Stannis, as evidenced by Ser Devos seeking out the help of Salladhor Saan.

Long before he betrayed Robb Stark I was not a fan of Theon Greyjoy.


I always found him a slimy, nasty man. However, I do like his sister Yara. In a world where women are often forced to be prostitutes and/or victims she is a strong warrior and leader. As much as I don’t like Theon I do feel like he has more than paid the price for his betrayal of the Starks. The reality he is living is worse than death. He has been reduced to nothing more than a play thing for Ramsey.

Speaking Ramsay, he is clearly the new monster. In a way I find him worse than Joffrey. Sure, Joffrey was a little monster but he was a King and he was still a kid. Ramsay is a full grown man who is truly evil. It is truly terrifying to imagine what kind of things Ramsay would do if he wasn’t a bastard but instead somebody in a true position of power.


It was sad when Yara realized that her brother didn’t know who she was. Her words of “My brother is dead” were very true; whether you liked Theon or not before he is gone.

After Yara left Ramsay’s sick sadistic nature was on full display when he appeared to be “nice” by letting Theon take a bath. The subtle delight Ramsay took as Theon took off his clothes was awful. Theon’s upper body was covered in scars and it was clear that even though Theon is quite broken he still felt embarrassed to take off his britches. Theon’s complete humiliation in exposing his castrated lower body was such an obvious thrill to Ramsey. I have to admit even though the Greyjoy storyline isn’t my favorite it was effective last night.

The next scene had my favorite imagine of the entire episode, that imagine was of one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons picking up a goat and roasting it with its fire. I love the Mother of Dragons and it was great to see her babies showing their true fierce nature on mother’s day. I really can’t get enough of those dragons.


It is one thing to want to rule it is another thing to actually rule. That was a reality that Dany struggled with in last night’s episode. She was hearing the grievances of her people. The first one is easy. The goat herder whose flock was destroyed by the dragon was given the value of his flock three times over. Then next one is more difficult. Dany had previously made the decision to crucify the slave masters of Meeren after she took the city, it was payback for what they slave masters had done to slave children. As the son of one of the slave master’s beged Dany to let his father have a proper burial you could see her struggling.

Was crucifying the slave master’s the right decision in the first place? I completely understand her decision but I can understand why others would see it as a mistake. Dany decided to let the man give his father a proper buried. I was left wondering if that was the correct decision or not. But then again isn’t that life? Whether you are ruling a kingdom as a Queen, governing a democratic nation or just living a regular day to day adult life aren’t there moments when you have to make choices whether that don’t have a right or a wrong. So much of life is lived in the shades of grey. Dany’s reality check became even bigger she found out that 212 more people were looking to talk to her with their grievances.


At King’s Landing everybody was getting ready for Tyrion’s trail for killing Joffrey. But that doesn’t mean that other things weren’t on the agenda. I found it interesting that everybody dismissed the reports about Dany and her dragons. Cersei brushed them off by calling them babies. The dragon that swooped up that goat was no baby and I can only imagine how much bigger they are going to get. As much as everybody at King’s Landing seems to brush off the thought of Dany, her army and her dragons I can’t believe that there isn’t at least part of Tywin and Cersei that don’t fear her. They have to know that if she ever makes it to King’s landing there are going to be Targaryen loyalists who will support her…Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

I can never quite bring myself to hate Varys but at the same time I can never bring myself to like him either. He always seems to be scheming for something and at the same time he seems to have such a clear insight to certain things. Maybe that’s because, as he told Oberyn Martell, he sees what (sexual) desire does to people and that his absence of desire leaves him free to pursue other things. It’s intriguing that he said that to Oberyn who seems to indulge in his sexual desire at every turn.


Of course, the main event of this episode was Tyrion’s trial.

It was painful to see person after person testify against Tyrion.

I understood the Grand Maester saying that Tyrion had robbed him of his poison. He certainly had a bone to pick with Tyrion.

That is the thing, for three seasons Tyrion was the only Lannister to keep things real, for lack of a better term, that despite his actions at the Battle of Blackwater that didn’t win him any long term friends.

I understand that Cersei is heartbroken over the death of Joffrey but she makes it impossible to feel sorry for her, especially when she brought up the Battle of Blackwater. She has obviously hated Tyrion since the day he was born and the fact that he was the true leader and saved King’s Landing from the Stannis means nothing to her. She, of course, wants to give all the credit to her evil dead son but Joffrey was a coward, just as Cersei was a coward. As Cersei testified against her brother I recalled how she was literally moments away from poisoning Tommen and herself. I really do hate her.

As expected Varys stabbed Tyrion in the back by testifying against him and there was an interesting line when Tryion asked Varys if he had forgotten what he had said to Tryion after the Battle of Blackwater. Varys said that unfortunately he never forgets…I personally can relate to this line. I have an excellent memory and sometimes it is a curse. Sometimes it would be better to forget. I understood this line to meant that Varys knows what he’s doing is wrong and it will haunt him for the rest of his life but he’s going to do it anyway.

Jamie, child pushing, raping, Jamie is the only person on Tyrion’s side. During a break in the trial he went to Tywin to fight for his brother. Tywin promised that at the end of the trial he would allow Tyrion to go to the Knight’s Watch and serve the rest of his life at the Wall if Jamie gives up being a part of the King’s guard to carry on the family name and line. At the scene ended I couldn’t believe Tywin but Jamie obviously did as he told Tyrion the plan asking “Do you trust me?” I thought about this and then the shocker of the episode came.


I literally gasped when Shae was called as a witness. Shae testifying against Tyrion really was the ultimate betrayal for him. I really do believe that he loved her. What Shae’s testimony showed me more than anything was that Tywin really does hate his son. Shae told the court that Tyrion and Sansa had planned Joffrey’s death together. As the scene played out I was so upset at Shae. I felt like once a prostitute always a prostitute and that it doesn’t matter if it’s sex or a story she’s for sale no matter what to the highest bidder. But when I thought about it I realized it’s more complicated than that. Early in the season when Tyrion sent Shae away he did it to protect her and in order to get her to actually leave he had to hurt her, saying she was nothing more than a whore. This protection truly came back to bite him because her hurt manifested itself in her testimony.

Understandably Shae’s testimony was too much for Tyrion to bear. In a monologue that screams Emmy consideration Peter Dinklage gave his best performance of the season. He spoke viciously to all those in attendance at his trial saying that he is guilty of being a dwarf and that he’s been on trial for that his entire life.


He said that he didn’t kill Joffrey but he wished that he had and that he wished he was the monster they all see him as. It was a very powerful and heartbreaking moment that ended with Tyrion demanding a trial by combat.

I still don’t believe that Tyrion is going to die but I also have no idea of how he’s going to manage to get out of his current situation. I guess I’ll have to wait for next week for some answers.


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