My Cousin Rachel

Last Saturday my husband and I went to see “My Cousin Rachel”. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I wasn’t a fan of Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz but I have come to really enjoy her as an actress over the last dozen years. I have especially enjoyed the comeback she’s made over … More My Cousin Rachel

Beatriz at Dinner

About two and a half weeks ago my husband and I went to see “Beatriz at Dinner”. I wanted to see the movie because it seemed timely given the current mood in this country about immigration and the current administration. However, the movie was so much more subtle and nuanced than I thought it would … More Beatriz at Dinner

Alien: Covenant

I am very loyal to the Alien franchise, with the exception of that Alien vs. Predator nonsense. So you  better believe that I was going to see “Alien: Covenant” in the theater. Because of previous engagements I was not able to see it opening weekend so my husband and I saw it the second weekend … More Alien: Covenant

The Lovers

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Lovers”. There are two words that sum up why I wanted to see this movie….Debra Winger. I absolutely adore Debra Winger. I think that she is an incredible actress who has remained an fascinating enigma over the course of her nearly forty … More The Lovers

The Circle

Several weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Circle” with some friends. There were three reasons I wanted to see the film. The first was Emma Watson. The Second was Tom Hanks. The third is that I love anything that is dystopian in nature. The concept of the movie was excellent. However, … More The Circle