T2: Trainspotting

On Friday afternoon I went to see “T2: Trainspotting”. I loved the original “Trainspotting” but I have to confess that I have only ever seen it the one time in the theater in the summer of 1996. I really, really liked the film.The fact that it has been nearly 21 years since I have seen … More T2: Trainspotting


Back on the day that it opened I went to see “Logan” with some friends. I have seen all of the X-Men in the theater except for “Deadpool”. Even though I never read the comics or watched the 90s animated series I have loved all but one of the X-Men movies that I have seen. … More Logan

Nicaragua-Day 7

As is always the case with the last full day of a vacation our last full day in Nicaragua was bittersweet. Since it was the last full day we wanted to enjoy it to the fullest but there was no denying the fact that our vacation was coming to an end. Not to mention the … More Nicaragua-Day 7

Nicaragua-Day 6

The sixth day of our trip to Nicaragua was also Thanksgiving Day back in the United States. As I mentioned at the end of my previous blog I was glad to be out of the United States for Thanksgiving this year because just a couple of weeks after the election I was in no mood … More Nicaragua-Day 6

Nicaragua-Day 5

The fifth day of our trip to Nicaragua began with another delicious breakfast buffet at our hotel. I found that as the days went on I ate more and more fried cheese each day with my breakfast. As good as everything else was I just couldn’t get enough of the fried cheese. After breakfast our … More Nicaragua-Day 5

Nicaragua-Day 4

The fourth day of our trip to Nicaragua had us sticking much closer to our hotel than we had the day before. After getting up we enjoyed the wonderful breakfast buffet at our hotel. One thing that had that morning that they didn’t have on other mornings was a Chia drink. It was delicious; I … More Nicaragua-Day 4

Nicaragua-Day 3

The third day of our trip to Nicaragua began very, very early. We got up well before sunset because we were taking a day tour up into the northern mountains of the country to visit a coffee plantation called Selva Negra. I love to sleep but when I am on a train or a bus … More Nicaragua-Day 3