Bohemian Rhapsody

There are tons of bio-pics that I love. However, I know that they can also be incredibly inaccurate and whitewash what really happened. I was very concerned that Freddy Mercury’s sexuality and death from A.I.D.S would be whitewashed when I found out they were making a film about his life. When the film came out … More Bohemian Rhapsody

Ben is Back

On Christmas Day for the thirtieth year in a row I saw a movie. This streak began in 1989 with “Steel Magnolias” which was the film that earned Julia Roberts her first Oscar nomination. This year it was “Ben is Back” making it the sixth time my Christmas Movie has featured Julia Roberts. I wanted … More Ben is Back

The Favourite

Back in November my husband and I went to see “The Favourite”. Between the amazing cast and the period setting we were both extremely interested in the film. I am glad we saw it. It is a very good but not great film. When you consider Queen Anne’s place in British history as the last … More The Favourite

Beautiful Boy

Way back on the night before Thanksgiving my husband and I went to see “Beautiful Boy”. There were two reasons I wanted to see the movie. The first was that the subject matter of how drug addiction and its effects on a family is a subject that always interests me because of my own family history … More Beautiful Boy

The Front Runner

Way back on the Monday before Thanksgiving I went to see “The Front Runner”. One of my earliest political memories is of the Gary Hart/Donna Rice scandal in 1987. Being from Colorado I was probably more aware of the scandal than most nine year old kids since Gary Hart had been a Senator from Colorado. … More The Front Runner

Boy Erased

A few weeks ago my husband and I went to see “Boy Erased”. There were two reasons I wanted to see the film. The first (and largest) is that I am gay man and I am all too familiar with people who believe that being gay is a choice. I also wanted to see the … More Boy Erased