Alien: Covenant

I am very loyal to the Alien franchise, with the exception of that Alien vs. Predator nonsense. So you  better believe that I was going to see “Alien: Covenant” in the theater. Because of previous engagements I was not able to see it opening weekend so my husband and I saw it the second weekend … More Alien: Covenant

The Lovers

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Lovers”. There are two words that sum up why I wanted to see this movie….Debra Winger. I absolutely adore Debra Winger. I think that she is an incredible actress who has remained an fascinating enigma over the course of her nearly forty … More The Lovers

The Circle

Several weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Circle” with some friends. There were three reasons I wanted to see the film. The first was Emma Watson. The Second was Tom Hanks. The third is that I love anything that is dystopian in nature. The concept of the movie was excellent. However, … More The Circle

London-Day 14

Since my husband and I always fly British Airways we have always gone through London Heathrow and usually on the way back home we have had to get up early for our first flight to connect through London Heathrow to get to Los Angeles. This time we didn’t have to get up early since we were … More London-Day 14

London-Day 13

On our last full day in London my husband and I once again slept in until around 9:00. This had helped us feel more rested the day before but at the same time it had given us a later start than we would normally have. The same thing proved true on the thirteenth day of our trip. By … More London-Day 13

London-Day 12

Normally when we are on vacation my husband and I like to get fairly early starts but that changed with our last two full days in London. We were both tired and trying to shake off our colds before our long plane ride back to Los Angeles. So on the eleventh day of our trip we … More London-Day 12

London-Day 11

The eleventh day of our trip to London required us to get up the earliest of all of our days. We had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to make sure that we were able to make our 8:00 departure time for that day’s destination. Getting up so early would have been tough no … More London-Day 11

London-Day 10

When you finally accept the fact that you’re sick the best you can hope for is that the illness will be short one. When I had gone to bed the night before I had hoped that I would wake up feeling magically better, I had no such luck. When I woke up on the morning … More London-Day 10

London-Day 9

After three days of being in denial about being sick the jig was finally up on the morning of the ninth day of our trip to London. It was my husband who said it first. But I couldn’t deny it any longer either. Not only did I have a sore throat but for the first time … More London-Day 9

London-Day 8

When I woke up on the eighth day of our trip to London I found that the irritation in my throat was gone. However, that had been replaced with a runny nose. The fact I still didn’t actually feel sick combined with the fact that my symptom was different than it had been the day before and the … More London-Day 8