Ocean’s 8

A couple of weeks ago I went to see “Ocean’s 8” with a lifelong friend and her mom while visiting them in Colorado. I had not seen an Ocean’s movie since 2001’s “Ocean’s 11”. Although I really enjoyed that film I didn’t ever really have much interest in seeing the subsequent sequels. I wasn’t that … More Ocean’s 8


A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to see “Hereditary”. I love horror movies and after the disappointment of “The Incredibles 2” I was hoping a good thrill would get my summer movie viewing season back on track. Unfortunately, I was incredibly disappointed in the film. There were a few scary and shocking … More Hereditary

The Incredibles 2

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Incredibles 2” with some friends. When “The Incredibles” came out in 2004 I loved it. However, a lot has happened in the last fourteen years that damped how much I liked “The Incredibles 2”. The first thing is that in 2005 and … More The Incredibles 2

On Chesil Beach

Three weeks ago I went to see “On Chesil Beach” by myself. With the onslaught of summer popcorn movies, I thought it would be good to mix it up with a British Drama set in the early 1960, not to mention I adore Saoirse Ronan. The film was entertaining from start to finish and it … More On Chesil Beach


Awhile back my husband and I went to see “Disobedience”. In addition to wanting to see the movie because of the two Rachels, Wiesz and McAdams, I also wanted to see the film because of the director. I really enjoyed the two previous films I had seen from Sebastian Leio, “Gloria” and “A Fantastic Woman”. … More Disobedience

A Quiet Place

Back in the middle of April my husband and I went to see “A Quiet Place”. I love horror movies and I was really intrigued with the concept of this film. I am thrilled to say that “A Quiet Place” is one of the most intense horror films I have ever seen, and I have seen … More A Quiet Place

Love, Simon

Way back in mid-March my husband and I went to see “Love, Simon”. I felt that it was important to support a teen romantic comedy with a gay lead on it’s opening weekend. The main reason I wanted to see the movie was to support a mainstream LGBT movie. I figured I would like the movie … More Love, Simon