Back on it’s opening weekend my husband and I went to see “It”. We have both read and loved the book. However, we both thought that the 1990 miniseries did not do the story justice. There were many things that I liked about “It” but I do have to say it wasn’t as scary as … More IT


About two and a half weeks ago I went to see “Dunkirk”. I had been interested in seeing it since it came out in July but because I was so busy during the month of August it took me awhile to catch it. I was interested because it seemed like it would be a quality … More Dunkirk

The Glass Castle

This past weekend my husband and I went to see “The Glass Castle”. I had seen the preview earlier this summer when I saw “The Big Sick” and I was interested in the story but I was especially interested because of the cast headlined by Academy Award winner Brie Larson and Academy Award nominees Woody … More The Glass Castle

The Hero

A week and a half ago I went to see “The Hero”. Throughout the summer I had a mild interest in seeing movie. I knew that it was one of those movies where if I didn’t see it in the theater I would probably never see it. Since I had both the time and the … More The Hero

The Big Sick

A couple of weeks ago I went to see “The Big Sick” with my mom. With the exception of “Alien: Covenant” there haven’t been any “summer” movies that have interested me this year. Thankfully, there has been enough counter programming to keep me interested in going to the movies. I really enjoyed “The Big Sick”. … More The Big Sick