Nicaragua-Day Two

On the second day of our trip to Nicaragua my husband and I woke up and headed down to the restaurant of our hotel to enjoy the breakfast buffet. I have enjoyed all of the breakfast buffets that we have had our international travels but this one was different, naturally, since we were in Central … More Nicaragua-Day Two

Nicaragua-Day one

On the tenth anniversary of our first date my husband and I left for our first trip to his home country of Nicaragua. From the first day we met I had a very large interest in seeing his country but because of our desire to travel to Europe (several times) we had not made it … More Nicaragua-Day one


Early last month my husband and I went to see “Moonlight”. As gay men we were interested in the film based on its gay subject matter. However, the film is so much more than a “gay movie”. It is also a coming of age story, a story about addiction, a story about dysfunctional families, and … More Moonlight


Back in November my husband and I went to see “Loving”. The night we saw it was two days after the election and we were both still in utter shock with the results it is seemed like a good movie to see in a time for political uncertainty. Without a doubt we owe our marriage … More Loving


Way back at the end of October my husband and I went to see “Inferno” with some friends. I had been a fan of both “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” so I was looking forward to seeing this movie. The movie was entertaining from start to finish but it was definitely the … More Inferno


On Friday night my husband and I went to see “Indignation”. I had been intrigued with seeing this movie for a while now because of star Logan Lerhman and an NPR interview I heard with writer/director James Schamus. Since I had not read the novel by Phillip Roth I didn’t know much about the story … More Indignation