Last Friday night my husband and I went to see “Spotlight”. As a lapsed catholic I have a very complicated relationship with the Catholic Church. In many ways I like the symbolism and the traditions of the church. I still cross myself when I enter a church and I do often feel connected to something … More Spotlight


On Thursday night I went to see “Sicario”. It’s interesting how you can go from hating and actor to loving them. The first time I saw Emily Blunt in a movie was in a 2006 straight to DVD movie called “Irresistible”. She was horrendous in it. I didn’t see how she had a future. Then … More Sicario


I hate George W. Bush. Going back nearly sixteen years I remember saying to my  mom when I was in college that he scared me and that I hoped that John McCain would get the republican nomination. Every day during the Florida recount of November 2000 I was glued to the results. Each day I … More Truth

Steve Jobs

Last night I went to see “Steve Jobs”. Despite the fact that my school district only had apple computers when I was in elementary and middle school I have never been one to bow down at the altar of apple. Since I don’t worship Steve Jobs then the main reason I wanted to see the … More Steve Jobs