2015 Oscars

When I wake up tomorrow I’ll have my annual day after the Academy Awards letdown. I love movies so much and I don’t care what anybody says I love the Oscars. No matter what I always love the Oscars. They are always magic for me. Tonight’s awards were no exception…There are always different aspects to … More 2015 Oscars

American Sniper

Last Saturday afternoon my husband and I went to see “American Sniper”. When I first saw the preview for the movie I wasn’t at all interested in seeing it. Then when I found out that it was directed by Clint Eastwood I became much more interested in seeing it. I think Clint Eastwood has proved himself to … More American Sniper

Into the Woods

Last Saturday night I went to see “Into the Woods” with my husband and my mom. I like musicals and I love Meryl Streep so I was hoping for a fun time at the movies with two of my favorite people. I laughed plenty but at the end of the day the film, like many … More Into the Woods

Last Man Standing

When I arrived in Los Angeles in 2001 I had big plans. So many people that live in this city do. I was going to be a screenwriter. I was going to have my first Oscar nomination by age 25. Over the course of the next three years I wrote four screenplays but nothing came … More Last Man Standing


On Saturday my husband and I went to see “Whiplash”. It was the seventh of the eight films nominated for Best Picture this year that I’ve seen. Maybe “American Sniper” will knock my socks off but based on the seven movies I’ve seen there are two films that stand out way above the rest, the … More Whiplash