Into the Woods

Last Saturday night I went to see “Into the Woods” with my husband and my mom.


I like musicals and I love Meryl Streep so I was hoping for a fun time at the movies with two of my favorite people. I laughed plenty but at the end of the day the film, like many films of 2014, was underwhelming.

First, the brightside…Streep is a hoot and a half. It is a great supporting role and it makes sense how it brought her Oscar nomination #19 (and supporting nomination #4)


Chris Pine did a better job singing than I thought he would. And as I mentioned before I did laugh a lot.

However, the film was a jumbled mess. It felt like a musical edition of ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” (which I give up on at the end of season 2). It felt like there were so many ingredients in the pot that you are left not being able to appreciate any of them fully. There were so many fairytales incorporated that you don’t know which one you are supposed to care about. Is the film about Cinderella? Is it about the baker and his wife? Is it about Jack and this bean stock? Is it an ensemble about all of them? I’m still not sure but I know it kind of fails in being about any of them.

There are some interesting moments that make you wonder if Prince Charming would be cad because he was taught to be charming and not sincere but that it’s not fully explored…I do know that Johnny Depp is at his worst at the big bad wolf. He comes across as a creepy child molester who is not charming or funny or even really scary…He’s just overacting and creepy.


I can only pick at the movie so much because I think the real problem is in the source material.

I love Meryl Streep and as great as she is (and she is a fantastic) she can’t save this musical without an identity…Wait for DVD and even then only watch Meryl’s scenes.

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