Life Itself

A few weeks ago I went to see the documentary about the legendary film critic Roger Ebert called “Life Itself”. The film shares the name of his autobiography. As a film buff I grew up watching “Siskel and Ebert”. Back in the early to mid-1990’s it was the best way for a gay boy living … More Life Itself

Yves Saint Laurent

Way back on the 4th of July my husband and I celebrated by going to the movies. However, instead of going of going to see some piece of Americana like “Transformers 4” or “Tammy” we went to see the French Foreign Language Film “Yves Saint Laurent”. The film is an obvious bio-pic of the legendary … More Yves Saint Laurent

Peru Day 9-Lima

The ninth day of my trip to Peru was also the last full day of my vacation with my mom. As is always the case with the last day of a vacation I woke up feeling a little bit sad (in fact I feel kind of sad as I write this blog since even my … More Peru Day 9-Lima

Thoughts on the 2014 Emmy nominations…in no particular order

Yay Byran Cranston and Kevin Spacy I’m okay with Matthew McConaughey’s nomination only because Woody Harrelson was also nominated. You can’t have that show without both characters and performances (of which Woody wins out on both fronts)…I do think McConaughey is better here than in “Dallas Buyers Club” but still not as good as his … More Thoughts on the 2014 Emmy nominations…in no particular order