De Palma

Last night I knew I was going to the movies. I had initially planned on seeing “Finding Dory” but then I became intrigued on the documentary “De Palma” about director Brian De Palma. I figured I had the whole summer to see “Finding Dory” in the theater but even living in Los Angeles I was … More De Palma

The Conjuring 2

I loved 2013’s “The Conjuring”. After a decade of torture porn it was great to have an old fashioned horror movie that genuinely scared you. Last Friday night my husband and I joined a group of friends to see “The Conjuring 2” on opening night. I haven’t been to a movie on opening night in … More The Conjuring 2


On Sunday afternoon my husband and I went to see “X-Men: Apocalypse . Although I didn’t read the comics or watch the TV show back in the 90’s I have seen and for the most part enjoyed all of the X-Men movies over the last sixteen years. I especially loved “X-Men: Days of Future Past” … More X-Men:Apocalypse