Nicaragua-Day Two

On the second day of our trip to Nicaragua my husband and I woke up and headed down to the restaurant of our hotel to enjoy the breakfast buffet. I have enjoyed all of the breakfast buffets that we have had our international travels but this one was different, naturally, since we were in Central America and not Europe. Every day there were great Nicaraguan breakfast items, and I couldn’t help but enjoying a lot of fried cheese. One of my favorite dishes was only available to us on that first day of our breakfast buffet and it was the Nicaragua version of tamale called a Nacatamal.


I have enjoyed Nacatamals in the United States thanks to my husband’s aunt and despite my Mexican heritage I prefer them to Mexican tamales. The Nacatamale they had that first day of our breakfast buffet was smaller than the ones I had enjoyed before but still very good.


After our breakfast my husband I and spent the entire day with his father and siblings. It was the only day that all of us got to spend the entire day together. My father-in-law drove us out of Managua and into the nearby mountains towards the colonial city of Granada. We did not visit Granada that day (although we would later in the trip) instead we found ourselves overlooking a beautiful volcanic lagoon called Laguna de Apoyo.


After our first parking spot wasn’t to everybody’s liking we got back in the car and found another one. Once we settled on the second parking spot we began to check things out. The views were incredible. Although I’m from the Rocky Mountains and I’ve seen the Andes and been to Hawaii this lagoon was beautiful in a different way than I had seen before. My sister-in-law paid to take a short horse ride. I wanted to go too but by the time we caught up to her it was too late. Still, it was fun to see her return from her short ride on the horse.


It was a very warm day so we purchased some shaved ice before exploring further away from where we were parked.


There were some cool hiking trails and I loved that we checked them out. The highlight of the hiking trail for me was a suspension bridge that was much bouncer than I had anticipated.


Beyond the suspension bridge there were a lot of beautiful sights to behold.


The hiking trail took us on a big loop back towards where my father-in-law’s car was parked. When we got back to the parking lot my husband and I wanted to check out some of the local vendors to buy some souvenirs for ourselves and family members back in the United States. Buying souvenirs on the first day of any vacation is always a little tricky. You don’t want to spend too much the first day but you also don’t want to risk missing out on something just because you think you may see it later and then you don’t.

After our shopping we all got back into the car and headed back down the mountain to have an early dinner. The restaurant we went to was called Bucaneros. The food was good.


However, the best thing about the restaurant was the incredible views of another volcanic lagoon, this one named Laguna de Masaya.


But it is worth noting my Nicaraguan beer was also good.


It was great to spend this time with my husband’s family.


As we left the sun was setting on the active volcano called Masaya Volcano (that we would visit another day). The beautiful sunset was a great day to end the day with my husband’s family.


After dinner my father-in-law drove us back to our hotel and we said good-bye for the day. Looking back I’m so glad that we had that day with my husband’s siblings because we wouldn’t see them again until the day we left to go back to the United States. Once we were back at the hotel we relaxed and then enjoyed a dessert at the restaurant of our hotel.


We then went to bed early because the next day required us to get up in the middle of the night for our tour out of Managua and into the Northern Mountains of Nicaragua.

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