Back on the day that it opened I went to see “Logan” with some friends.


I have seen all of the X-Men in the theater except for “Deadpool”. Even though I never read the comics or watched the 90s animated series I have loved all but one of the X-Men movies that I have seen. The one movie that I really didn’t care for was 2013’s “The Wolverine”.


I found “The Wolverine” without an emotional center and it was kind of boring at times. It felt more like a run of the mill action film and less like an X-Men film.  Despite the fact that I didn’t care for “The Wolverine” I was looking forward to seeing “Logan”. Since both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart said it would be the last time they would appear in an X-Men movie I was hoping for a good final send off for them and the characters they have played over the course of the last seventeen years.


The movie did not disappoint. It was a genuinely good movie. I’m not a big fan of action or superhero movies but what I have liked in general about the X-Men movies is that they usually have a heart and/or a social message tied to them that most action movies don’t have. I found “Logan” to have a big heart not to mention good performances that keep me interested during the “action” parts.

Watching Hugh Jackman play Logan “Wolverine” one last time was a great cinematic experience. By now he knows the character backwards and forwards, not only that Hugh Jackman has developed as an actor since 2000. The film gives Logan much more depth than we have ever seen before and Academy Award nominee Hugh Jackman is able to really do a great job of showing us those new layers.


Patrick Stewart is wonderful in his last outing as Charles “Professor X” Xavier. He is also able to take our cinematic history with his character and build on it and make us really and truly care what happens to him.


The other highlight of the film in terms of acting is Dafne Keen as Laura. She has tons of charisma and is able to make Laura both tough and vulnerable.


I think the ending of the film is probably a bit disappointing for some but for me it was perfect. We have gone on a journey with these characters for a long time and the end feels right in my heart and makes sense in my mind. Although it is worth noting that there was one aspect of the film I didn’t care for and it was the meta aspect that involves the X-Men comics.


At his point in pop culture I find meta stuff  boring and cliché. Still, this film brings together the entire journey we’ve taken with these characters over the course of so many films and brings them to an exciting an emotional conclusion. If anybody likes the X-Men movies and haven’t seen “Logan” yet I highly recommend it.

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