Nicaragua-Day 7

As is always the case with the last full day of a vacation our last full day in Nicaragua was bittersweet. Since it was the last full day we wanted to enjoy it to the fullest but there was no denying the fact that our vacation was coming to an end. Not to mention the fact that to return back to the United States after the election was not something that we really felt very positive about. But life goes on. We enjoyed another delicious breakfast buffet and then Moises picked us up for our third and final day of tours with him.


Our last day in Nicaragua we were staying within the city of Managua for our tour.


Our first stop was up high on a hill which provided us with fantastic views of the city.


The hurricane that had caused us to cancel our lake tour the day before had cleared out and we were left with beautiful skylines.


And wouldn’t you know it the people that do the boat tours of Lake Nicaragua had informed Moises that morning that if we wanted to go back to Granada we could do the tour that day. The real reason we were up on the hill wasn’t for the views though. It was to see some history of the Sandinista movement.


I know for my husband’s family this part of the tour was controversial but I found it fascinating.



The next stop was down the hill to a large park and plaza.


It was here where we saw the outside of a beautiful cathedral that had been destroyed on the inside by an earthquake in the 1970’s. 



Our next destination was the cultural palace of Nicaragua.


This palace was quite beautiful from the outside.


It was also beautiful on the inside.


In addition to the beautiful architecture there was a lot of great Nicaraguan art.


I even managed to sneak in a couple of pictures…even though I wasn’t supposed to 😉



The last stop on our tour was back down to the waterfront of Lake Managua.


We had been there twice at night with my father-in-law but there was more to see during the day. The views during the day were very pretty. During our lunch break my husband was able to finally have two things he had been craving. The first was quesillos.


I really like this snack dish but it does get a little messy.


The second dish was a desert dish called raspado.


This was also delicious.


After lunch we met up with Moises one last time and he took us to the coolest model of how Managua looked before the earthquake in the 1970s flattered much of the city.



Moises and the van driver then took is back to our hotel one final time. It had been nice to have the same tour guide three days in a row. We made sure to give him a big tip.


Once we were back at the hotel we packed as much as we could for our flight the next day. After packing we had some time to kill before my father-in-law picked us up for dinner so we hung out at the swimming pool.

My husband played around on this phone while I swam some laps. It was a nice way to spend our last afternoon in Managua…that is until some sketchy people showed up. They made us uneasy so we headed back up to our room to wait for my father-in-law.


After my father-in-law picked us up we found ourselves in the worst traffic I have ever experienced. I have lived in Los Angeles for over fifteen years, I’ve driven in New York City during rush hour and I’ve driven traffic circles in Madrid but nothing compared to what we found ourselves in that night. I really wanted to take everything in as we drove around but I found had to just look at things on my phone because the traffic was just too intense look at. The climax of just how bad the traffic was came when I heard my husband say “Sweet Jesus!” from the front of the car and I looked up to see a bus probably less than two feet away from my father-in-law’s car. I was so grateful that neither one of us had to drive while we were in Nicaragua. I think it would have been an awful experience.


When we were finally done with the traffic from hell the three of us enjoyed one last dinner together. Although the pasta I had was not Nicaraguan in the slightest it was still good.


My favorite part of our last dinner in Nicaragua was the picture the three of us got together before we left the restaurant.



After my father-in-law dropped us off at our hotel it was time to get ready for bed. We had to get up early the next morning to head back to the United States. But before we went to sleep I picked a shot to leave behind a copy of my novel, “Missing Pieces”. 


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Justin Gomez and his sister, Terri, have never been close. Separated by nine years and distant in adulthood, Justin and Terri have little in common, except for the love of her three children. In the days before they embark on a road trip to visit the father that once abandoned them and their now deceased mother, both Terri and Justin are dealing with unexpected changes in their lives. Justin surprisingly realizes he might want more than a series of one night stands after a first date goes unexpectedly well. After a lifetime of being a strong type A personality, Terri is forced to confront the reality of the end of her marriage. As they hit the road, with Terri’s children in tow, they find themselves forced to rely on and confide in each other following a devastating event. Confronted with memories from the past and challenges from the present, Terri and Justin must dig deep and unearth the truth about themselves and their parents in order to build a new family based on their love for each other.


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