Nicaragua-Day 8, the last day

The day a vacation comes to an end is always a sad one.


For my husband the day that we left Nicaragua to return to the United States was extra said because in addition to a vacation coming to an end he was also saying good-bye to his family who he hadn’t seen in eight years.

When we left our hotel room for the last time I left behind the suitcase that I had spent nearly a $100 on before we left Los Angeles.


My husband without a hint of irony in his voice said that the maid would probably take it home stitch it up and use it for herself. Considering the suitcase had only been used once I hope he was right.

My husband’s sister and brother joined us for the trip to the airport that morning. It’s amazing how quickly we can grow used to things. As we drove through Managua for last time I was sad to be leaving our temporary home. What had seemed like a whole other world just a week before had become what I was used to.

When we got to the airport it was time to say good-bye. Although there is no denying that the language barrier had been a factor I really enjoyed getting to meet the part of my husband’s family that I hadn’t met before. My brother-in-law even asked for a copy of my book. As luck would have it had brought two copies with us. One of the copies I left behind in hour hotel room and the other copy I signed and gave to my brother-in-law. I know my husband and his father have very close relationship so I wanted to express to my father-in-law what a wonderful man his son is so I had my husband translate my words to his dad. My father-in-law had some very nice words for me as well which my husband translated. Everybody was very sad as we all said farewell.


I still had some Nicaraguan money left so I was looking to buy a couple of last things at the airport after we checked our bags in. I didn’t find anything until after we were through security. I bought a t-shirt, a rum sampler and a key chain for a friend. My husband and I also went in a joint purchase of some jelly that was made with the famous Nicaraguan rum, Flor de Cana.

Once we were on the plane we settled into our seats. In order to make sure that we both had window seats we didn’t sit next to each other. Instead I sat exactly one row in front of my husband. I was amused with how from time to time he would try to talk to me.


This because much more difficult once the engines of the airplane went on because I wouldn’t hear him. I loved sitting in the window seat and seeing Nicaragua from above. As we flew away I could see Managua, Masaya Volcano, Granada and Lake Nicaragua.


We took the same root back to Los Angeles that we had taken on our way to Managua a week before. That meant that the first leg of our trip was the three hour flight to Houston. For me the flight went very quickly because I occupied myself by writing a very long letter to a family member.

When we landed in Houston I had very mixed feelings. The fact was I was (and still am) reeling from the results of the election but I also wanted to enjoy the fact that I was arriving back in a country where Barack Obama was still President and that it would be his picture that would greet me…one last time. We had long but not super long layover in Houston. Given that the United States of America is usually the least welcoming country when you are traveling internationally we braced ourselves for some drama. At first as we went through immigration and customs everything went fine. We thought we were home free without any drama…We thought. Despite the fact we had never left the secure area of the Houston Airport we were required to go through security again. It was at this point that we had drama. The jars of rum jelly we purchased in the duty free zone at the airport in Managua were a problem because the jars they were in were glass. Apparently despite the fact that they had been purchased after we went through security and despite the fact you can buy things made of glass once you are through security at the airport in Houston we were not allowed to take it on our carry-on bag. I guess they figured I was going to smash open a jar of jelly and hijack the plane. Give me a break. I was given two choices. Throw the jelly away or have security escort me out of the airport and pay United Airlines $15 for a box that would be checked. My first reaction was to be super pissed off have them throw the jelly away. I was so glad I had my husband with me because I felt myself getting really upset and he helped calm me down. We decided to be escorted out and pay the $15 for the box. The whole thing was so stupid. We had been given access to our suitcases right before we had been forced to go through security again in Houston. Had known our jelly would have caused us a bunch of drama I would have simply put it back in my suitcase. Oh well.

After we paid for the stupid box of our jelly and went through security again we looked for a place to eat lunch. After our lunch we waited by the gate for our flight back to LA.

The flight back to LA was fine. It felt so silly to wait for box at baggage claim back in LA.


After we took a taxi home we found ourselves back with our beloved cat.


We only had one day to readjust to LA before going back to work. Our trip to Nicaragua had been good for both of us. After the election we both needed a break from the United States and for my husband it was good for him to visit his home country and appreciate all of the good things it has to offer. Our trip may have been over but we had plenty of souvenirs to keep the memories alive.


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