Game of Thrones…Season 4…Episode 7

I was not at home when the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” aired on Sunday night. I was visiting my father and stepmother is Boise, Idaho. I was worried I would not be able to watch the episode that night but luckily they do have HBO. I was presented with the challenge of trying to explain things to my dad. Obviously, “Game of Thrones” is not the kind of show you can jump into on the seventh episode of the fourth season and figure out what is going on. I do think I did an okay job of giving very simplified explanations to my father.

Last week’s episode ended with Tyrion demanding a trial by combat so it makes sense that this week’s episode would pick up with that storyline. The interactions between Tyrion and Jamie are always interesting. Jamie is obviously the only member of the Lannister family that has any kind of affection of Tyrion but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have their issues. Jamie clearly believed that his father would have followed through with the deal they had made before Shae’s testimony and was frustrated that Tyrion didn’t follow through on the deal telling Tyrion “You threw your life away.”


It was obvious that Tyrion was still suffering from the heartbreak of Shae’s betrayal. I think that he was as upset with himself as he was with her saying “I fell in love with a whore but I was stupid enough to think she fell in love with me.” The friction between Tyrion and Jamie became apparent when Tyrion called Jamie out for being the golden boy of the family and how he can do everything from killing his king to fucking his sister and still be the star. Attacking Jamie obviously isn’t going to help Tyrion’s cause because as Jamie pointed out “I’m only friend you have left” but one can understand why Tyrion would lash out the way that he did. I was also amused that no matter what Tyrion is happy to have ruined his father’s deal…oh, those Lannisters always looking for a way to stick it to each other.

Because they show keeps changing the actor that plays the mountain I have to admit I did not realize that is who Cersei was watching in the next scene.


Maybe I’m a fool or maybe it’s a little bit of the show’s fault for having three different actors play this role and not having the character on since season 2. Regardless, it’s clear whoever fights him will be up for a major challenge.

The next scene was with Arya and the Hound (again I hate to admit it but I had forgotten that the Hound and the Mountain are brothers). They two of them came across a stabbed man. It was clear that Arya is broken inside when she uttered the line “Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.” From a philosophical standpoint I thought it was a very powerful line.


Naturally, the Hound had no problem putting the poor man out of his misery. Next Arya and the Hound were attacked and find out that Joffrey is dead. I was expecting more of a reaction out of one or both of them to this news but it really seemed to have no real impact on them. I love Arya and it’s both entertaining and sad to watch her journey. When she kills Rorge, only after learning his name, it was clear that this little girl is so damaged that she will never recover from what she’s been through.

I like Jon Snow and actually usually find the action at the wall (or beyond) very interesting but I have to admit that this week it was the weakest part of the episode. It was great to see him with Ghost back at the wall and I do have to agree with him that closing the tunnel is probably their best option to keep the Wildings out. However, nobody listened to his advice for a couple of reasons. One, his is only a steward and two, because of his previous relationship with the wildings. It seems his relationship with Ygritte is a burden that could end up costing not only him but the Night’s watch as a whole.

Back at King’s Landing it was clear that the situation was growing more and more bleak for Tyrion. As Bronn refused to be his champion despite Tyrion using Sansa as a bargaining chip. I like Tyrion but I have to admit Bronn’s decision didn’t surprise me because like he told Tyrion “When have you ever risked your life for me.”

Off in Meereen Dany is surprised to find Darrio (I need to mention how hot I find this actor and how glad I am that his particular part was recast) in her room. He was brought her wild flowers, which she declines. He tell her that there is only two things that his is good at, fighting and woman and right now he’s not getting to use his talents. It was quite clear that he was in Dany’s room not just to convince her to let him use his first talent in some way but also to convince her to let him use his second talent on him.


I actually wasn’t expecting her to take him up on either account but she did. I don’t know what their relationship means for the future of Dany’s storyline but the last shot of his scene was certainly nice for my viewing pleasure.

In addition to the crazy storylines and shocking twists “Game of Thrones” is known for having a lot of violence and nudity. As I said when I first watched the first season there are tits everywhere. This episode showcased the shows reputation for having a lot of nudity. It went straight from nudity with Darrio to nudity with Melisandre, a little nudity for whatever gender you prefer.

The relationship between Malisandre and Selyse Baratheon is one that seems to be one that should be adversarial but it’s not. In fact it seems that these two are more allies than advisories.


Malisandre’s line of “Most jokes are lies” was one I really liked. And her statement that “Men never crave what they already have” is one that had to be painful to Selyse to hear but we all know it is all too true at times. What I found most interesting about this scene is that Malisandre told Selyse that she doesn’t need potions which are also lies because she has the power to see the flames inside of her. These two women are more interesting than Stannis himself. I think if and when Stannis makes another run at King’s Landing it will be with the help of these two women and his daughter, Shrieen, using whatever dark magic Malisandre is an expert in. The fact that Malisandre doesn’t want Shireen left behind seems to point to Shrieen having powers that haven’t been revealed yet, powers that will be important in her father’s quest to capture the iron throne.

Back at Meereen Dany and Darrio have enjoyed their night of passion and Jorah Mormont clearly isn’t happy about it. I have always been on Dany’s side and I do want her to be the Queen of Westros at the end of A Song of Ice and Fire but I did find her hardcore in this scene. Her statement of “They will live in my new world or they will die in their old one” was very aggressive. I do think that Dany is well intentioned in the way she’s ruling Slaver’s Bay but I do think she is a little drunk with power. I also think that this episode is setting up a difficult situation for Dany. I think as the story continues she’s going to pulled in an aggressive direction by Darrio and a more moderate direction by Jorah. I’m sure she’ll have choices to make where aggression is the way to go but I feel like Jorah is going to be her Jiminy Cricket moving forward.


For the first time in a while I’m a little worried about her.

The next scene was another one of Arya and the Hound. It was a truly great scene that allowed Rory McCann to do the best acting he’s ever done. The Hound had a great monologue in which he recalled when his brother (the Mountain) had burned him for playing with one of his toys and that his father protected his brother by saying that the bedding had caught on fire.


When the Hound said to Arya “You think you’re alone” it really gave me a sense that for better or worse these two characters need each other. It was very effective.

The next scene involving Brienne and Pod cracked me up. It cracked me up because of Brienne basically saying she wanted a meal not cooked by Pod. I find Pod to be really cute. He tries so hard but he is a little bit of a disaster. What was important about this scene was the two of them meeting up with the character of Hot Pie, who tells them that Arya is alive (the little dire wolf bread was cute and a big improvement over the one he made Arya when he was with her).


 Although Brienne’s mission isn’t to find Arya it does set them in a new direction. Pod tells Brienne that they need to go to Lysa’s. Once again I think that Brienne is both Sansa and Arya’s only chance and a future that is filled with terror. I just worry she won’t ever reach them.

Last week when Tyrion gave his speech at his trial it was a clear reminder of why Peter Dinklage is the only actor from this show to win an Emmy (not to mention a Golden Globe). In the next scene of this episode he got to show off his acting skills in a more subtle way. Oberyn Martell visited Tyrion in prison.


Oberyn admitted to Tyrion that before the trial Cersei had visited him to try to sway his vote against Tyrion. He said that he liked that Cersei was a “Lannister that shares my enthusiasm for dead Lannisters”. Oberyn then went onto recall the first time he met Tyrion. Tyrion was just a baby and he was supposed to be a little monster but when Oberyn just saw him he had been disappointed. Tyrion wasn’t a monster he was just a baby but Cersei had said that Tyrion killed her mother and that he would be dead soon. This scene for Peter Dinklage gave him the opportunity to do some amazing acting using mostly his eyes and facial expressions. I do think that Oberyn likes Tyrion but when he volunteered to be Tyrion’s champion and fight the Mountain at Tyrion’s trial by combat it was clear it was more about his own revenge. It seems that Oberyn’s battle will either be a complete disaster or result in the death of both Oberyn and Tyrion or it will all to the subtle decline of Tywin and Cersei that began with Joffrey’s death. I’m hoping for the later.

I have wanted to see some bell fire from Sansa Stark for as long as I can remember. For so long she seems to just be along for the ride. I get that to a certain extent most of the characters on this show operate on a purely reactionary mode but I’ve longed for Sansa to show me some fight. I finally got it when her creepy cousin, Robin, destroyed her snow castle of Winterfell. I absolutely loved it when she slapped that awful little boy across the face, not just because I don’t like him but for the first time she was truly fighting back.


But my delight in Sansa’s actions were short lived as Littlefigner appeared. His line of “If you want a better home first you must demolish he old one” seemed to really speak at his motives. I don’t know his endgame ultimately is but it’s obvious that he had no problem throwing the entire seven kingdoms into a blender to create a new world in which he had more power. Then Sansa asked Littlefinger why he killed Joffrey. He gave her an answer that I think a tiny bit of truth to but was also a clear manipulation of Sansa. He basically implied that he had killed Joffrey because the Lannisters had killed Catelyn. He then reached his all-time creepy high (and that’s saying something for him) when he told Sansa that she was more beautiful than her mother ever was. This kiss would have been enough to end the episode with a shock but there was a bigger shock yet to come.

Lysa saw the kiss between Littlefinger and Sansa. Already knowing that Lysa is literally crazy about Littlefinger I knew trouble lay ahead for Sansa. Lysa confronted Sansa about the kiss and threatened to throw her out the moon door to hear death. She basically confessed her sins to Sansa saying her father, husband and sister and stood in between her and Petyr and now they are dead. I believe Lysa would have thrown Sansa to her death if Little Finger hadn’t come in and told her to stop.


He promised Lysa that he would Sansa away in order to get Lysa to let Sansa go. Anybody who has a clear understanding of Littlefigner knew he wouldn’t keep his promise but Lysa was so blinded by her love for him that he believed her. Littlefinger assured Lysa that he had only loved one her woman in her life…Of course that woman wasn’t her it was her sister. When he told Lysa this her face dropped a moment before Littlefinger threw her out the moon door to her death.


After being absent for quite a while it seems there isn’t anything Little Finger won’t do. I fear for Sansa’s future. She may have escaped King’s Landing but she is not in a position of power and I doubt the little fight she displayed in hitting Robin will be enough to help her deal with Littlefinger. I believe Brienne is her only hope.

After the episode aired I spoke to my husband and he told me that Littlefinger killing Lysa was the end of the third book and he was disappointed that it was the end of episode seven rather than the season finale. I agree that it would have been a great season finale but alas it is not.

I’m very much looking forward to “The Normal Heart” (a play that I did a monologue from in High School) but I’m also disappointed I have to wait two weeks for the next episode.

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