Back on New Year’s Eve day my husband and I went to see “Passengers”.


Going into the movie we knew the basics of the plot and it seemed interesting but the real reason we saw it was for the two stars. We both adore Academy Award Winner Jennifer Lawrence and the ever so sexy and ever so charismatic Chris Pratt. After seeing the movie I am both glad and not glad that I didn’t know more about the plot going into the movie. I’m glad I didn’t know more about the plot because I’m not sure I would have seen the movie had I known more about the plot and I was entertained for two hours.


At the same time I wish I had known more about the plot because I feel like a major plot point was left out of the marketing and I didn’t go in really knowing what I was getting myself into and I do feel a little dirty, even after a month and a half, that I was entertained by the movie.

Make no mistake Lawrence and Pratt have great chemistry together. She has an amazing way of commanding the screen.


Meanwhile, Pratt just oozes charm. However, that can only get you so much when their entire relationship basically begins with him ruining her life. Stop reading now if you don’t want further spoilers…The fact the we wakes her because he is lonely and he has invested her as her fantasy is basically endorsing the idea that a man can do whatever he wants to a woman without her consent because he is charming. Pratt is so amazing to look at but let’s get real if his character was played by an ugly man nobody would stand for what his character does. And the fact that he never really pays for his sins and in the end she just gives up everything she’s ever wanted to be with him is just plain gross. I feel like “Passengers” had the potential to be a much better movie. I could have been a dark psychological/sci-fi thriller, it could have been a story of revenge or it could have been a story of redemption but it’s none of those things. Instead it’s kind of gross endorsement of rape culture…Still, it is worth noting that only one of the film’s stars is naked and since it is Chris Pratt it does gain some points for physically objectifying its male star instead of its female star.


Also the fact that Jennifer Lawrence gets top billing for a supporting role is a nice change for an industry that almost always gives men top billing even if the movie isn’t about them.

As charming as the two lead actors, and Michael Sheen is good in a supporting role, are I can’t endorse or recommend this film. It’s really not worth your time; unless you’re looking to write an essay about how wrong Hollywood Studio films can get gender roles and romanticize a relationship that really is nothing more than glorified Stockholm syndrome.

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