Game of Thrones-Season 7-Episode 3

I have made very little progress this past week in my project of reading “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons” as one giant combined book (that is mainly because I read almost all of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”). I am about to start a chapter in “A Feast for Crows” for ‘The Captain of Guards” on page 42 and I remain on page 18 of “A Dance with Dragons” I am hoping to make much more progress in the upcoming week.

My initial reaction to episode three of Season 7 of “Game of Thrones” was that it was my favorite episode of the season so far. However, there are times in the course of writing this blog that I realize certain things as I write or I rethink things so we will see if I still think that way when I am done writing this.

While the show was doing the recap scenes I predicted that Ellaria Sand would die in this episode. I also noticed in the opening credits that Maisie Williams was not listed. The absence of Arya in episode three means that we do not yet have the answer of how her encounter with Nymeria affected her. Is Arya continuing to the North and Winterfell or is she going to turn back to the south to kill Cersei? I guess we will have to wait until at least episode four to find out the answer to that question.

The episode opened at Dragonstone with Jon and Davos arriving to meet Dany. It was interesting to see Jon and Tyrion interact for the first time since early in season one.

Screenshot (234)

Both of them have been through a lot since those early episodes but it’s clear that whatever mutual respect they had for each other back then is intact. I was amused when Davos tried to make small talk with Missandei and she wasn’t having any of it.

The interaction between Melisandre and Varys was interesting. He correctly notices that despite encouraging Dany to summon Jon she is not there to greet him. Melisandre references mistakes she’s made. It’s clear that Melisandre has powers but she has so often been blinded by what she wants to be true rather than what is true. She is taking more of a back seat now but the fact that she tells Varys that she’s going to go to Volantis only to return one more time to die is extremely fascinating.

Screenshot (235)

Clearly she believes she has one last big move to make, but the question is what is that move? I was also intrigued when Melisandre said that Varys was going to have to die in Westeros, and obviously Varys was intrigued by this too.

The meeting between Jon and Dany was an exciting one. It was really fascinating to watch Dany school Davos in the history of Westeros and explain why Jon should bend the knee. Yet, Jon does not bend the knee. As Jon tries to explain the dangerous of the army of the dead Dany is at best skeptical of his claims. It makes sense that Dany and Jon’s first meeting would go this way.

Screenshot (236)

Both of them have their own agenda and alliances are not magically forged. However, I was a bit confused why both Davos and Jon seemed to side step the fact that Jon has been brought back from the dead. I would imagine that this would be proof that Jon is special. I suppose this part of Jon’s history will be revealed to Dany at some point, a point when it’s going to have a larger impact than their first encounter together. Unfortunately for Dany their first meeting is cut short when the news of Euron attacking the ships of the Ellaria and the Greyjoys arrives.

The only bit we see of Theon in this episode is him being rescued from the water and clearly struggling with how he responded to the battle with his Uncle Euron. The battle between Theon and Reek rages on even after Ramsey’s death.

As Euron arrives in King’s Landing with Yara, Ellaria and Tyene he is greeted as a hero and the three women are taunted as they walk towards the Red Keep.

Screenshot (250)

I did find his scene a little unbelievable. In the context of the characters day to day lives it was very recent that Cersei took her own walk of shame and blew up half the city. I simply can’t believe that there would be than many ordinary people in King’s Landing that would be completely on team Cersei and supporting her every move.

After Euron presents his gift to Cersei it’s clear he still wants to marry her. Cersei says it will happen but only after the war is won. As Euron taunted Jamie about having sex with Cersei I was struck with how Euron is a bit cartoon like.

Screenshot (251)

I get that he is a villain but he seems a bit too over to top to be taken seriously. It’s like Ramsay but with facial hair.

In a dungeon Cersei recalls Oberyn’s death to Ellaria in a truly hateful way. As Cersei talked of the death of Marcella I was struck with genuine emotion in her voice. As much as I never liked Cersei in seasons one through six I have to give her credit for the fact that she loved her children. Yet now with all three of her children dead she is truly a monster without any humanity. In a classic eye for an eye moment Cersei kills Tyene the same way that Ellaria killed Marcella with a poison kiss.

Screenshot (261)

The difference is that Cersei imprisons Ellaria for the rest of her days to watch her daughter die and then rot in front of her. This is truly a horrible fate for Ellaria. Without a doubt Tyene is dead but I think there is an outside possibility that perhaps we haven’t seen the last of Ellaria.

The stuff with Cersei and Ellaria was good but I do wonder why Cersei didn’t choose to address Yara at all. After all, Yara was also a “gift” from Euron.

After killing Tyene and sentencing Ellaria to a horrible fate Cersei is turned on and basically seduces Jamie. Then for some reason Cersei throws caution into the wind and allows one of the servants in the Red Keep to see Jamie in her bed. As much power as Cersei has right now it did seem to be a stupid mistake to directly confirm a long held rumor about them to the help.

Cersei next meets with a representative from the Iron Bank to address her money problems.

Screenshot (267)

This scene wasn’t the most interesting but it does set the stage for events later in the episode.

Back at Dragonstone Tyrion and Jon talk again. In this conversation Tyrion tells Jon he believes him about the army of the dead. What I liked about Jon in this episode was that he had a level of doubt and frustration to him that was more like the changed Jon of season 6. In the first two episodes of this season I felt that Jon was a bit too sure of himself. It was good to see the man who was brought back from the dead struggle with what to do.

Screenshot (282)

What is most important about Tyrion’s conversation with Jon is that it begins to build the foundation of the alliance that is sure to come between Jon and Dany. When Tyrion asks Jon if he has anything reasonable to ask for the issue of dragonglass comes up. Tyrion advises Dany to let Jon mine the dragonglass to basically set up the possibility of an alliance.

Screenshot (286)

During Dany’s conversation with Tyrion she does recall Davos saying that Jon took a knife in his heart for his own people. Clearly this veiled reference to Jon’s death and resurrection was noticed by Dany which reinforces my belief that she will find out at a crucial time in the future.

When Dany and Jon speak again they speak of her Dragons and their shared loss of brothers. Dany informs Jon she will let him mine for dragonglass but it’s clear that she still expects him to bend the knee and I highly doubt that she believes him about the army of the dead.

Screenshot (288)

No matter these two have chemistry together and the show seems to be pointing in the direction of that fans have long suspected in regards to these two characters.

In Winterfell we see Sansa in charge. She is doing a good job of running things as she deals with the potential problem of Winterfell not having enough food for winter. As Littlefinger advises Sansa it was fascinating to watch him teach her how to be savvier by seeing everybody as both an enemy and a friend. This certainly is perfect microcosm of how Littlefigner has lead his life. By always being involved in everything he’s never let himself be eliminated and his is always setting himself up for just a little bit more power. After years of being frustrated with Sansa I see her growing in strength but he question remains; what wills she do with that strength?

Then Sansa is once again reunited with one of her brothers as Bran arrives back at Winterfell. This is a touching scene but it different than Sansa’s reunion with Jon last year.

Screenshot (290)

As much as everybody has changed over the course of the story Bran is truly transformed. When Sansa reminds him he is Lord of Winterfell he tells her that he can never be Lord of Winterfell because he is now the Three Eyed Raven. When Bran tries to explain to Bran what that it she is freaked out as he recalls her wedding night to Ramsay. I felt bad for Sansa here. She clearly wanted a magical moment with her true-born brother but it wasn’t at all what she got.

In Oldtown we find that Sam’s surgery on Jorah to remove the greyscale was a success.

Screenshot (291)

Jorah proclaims that he’s going to return to Dany. Meanwhile, Sam must face the music with the Archmaester for not following rules. Luckily for Sam he is allowed to stay at the Citadel.

Checking in at Dragonstone again Dany expresses a desire to ride her dragons to destroy Euron’s ships. Tyrion advises against this. With Ellaria and the Greyjoy’s out of commission the question is what will happen with the Greyworm and the Unsullied. Well, thanks to Tyrion they have a secret way into Casterly Rock.

Screenshot (292)

However, things continue not to go Dany’s way. Cersei saw Dany’s play coming and had most of the Lannister armies pulled from Casterly Rock. Instead the Castle in conquered in the short term but when Euron arrives and sinks the unsullied ships it is a disaster.

Not to mention Jamie’s arrival at Highgarden, with Randal Tarly in toe. This marks the end of the line for the Tyrells who have constantly been a torn in Cersei’s side (pun intended).

Also by taking control of Highgarden Cersei has solved her money problems.

When Jamie goes to speak to Onella it is very said. We know she is doomed yet she still is the Queen of Thrones until the bitter end. She works hard to plant seeds of doubt in Jamie’s mind about Cersei saying things like “You love her. You really love her. You poor fool” and “She’s a disease”. Yet she saves the best for last. After Jamie allows her to face a painless death by drinking poison she reveals that she was the one who killed Joffrey and not Tyrion. This was a great moment for a fantastic character. She may have lost but at least she went out stirring the pot.

Screenshot (293)

I do still thing think this the best episode of the season so far. I felt like the first two episodes were building, as the early episodes of a season often do, but in this episode I felt like things that will pay off at the end of this season and the end of the show started to happen. Bran arriving home will be vital. Jon and Dany meeting and forging their alliance will be vital. And now that Cersei seems to be turning the tide in her favor she is on her way to thinking it’s all in her hands before it all comes crashing down. At this point I’m thinking the final showdown with Cersei will come before the final showdown with the Night King and the White Walkers. It’s seems bizarre to say this but in a seven episode season we are already almost to the half way point. We will see what next week brings.

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