Paris Can Wait

Like most people I find that there are lots of ups and downs to my job. There are times that it feels like it is crushing my soul and there it times when it lets me fly free. The times when my job most allows me to fly free is when I am able to travel internationally.


Today I got some disappointing news about my job so I spent most of the day thinking about all of the things I don’t like about my job. Before I got the disappointing news I had decided that I was going to see “Paris Can Wait”.


Since I love Diane Lane and almost anything French I was very interested in this film. I had been wanting to see this film for about a month and it turns out I picked the perfect day to see it.

The film was the perfect cinematic escape when I needed it the most. Director Eleanor Coppola transports the viewer into France.


Although I feel at home in Spain and I absolutely adore London there is something extra special for me when I visit France. Coppola is able to perfectly capture the feeling of being in France. The feel, the beautiful scenery, the food, the relaxed attitude are all on full display in this film .

The film is about the wife an American film Producer (Diane Lane) who instead of traveling to Hungary with her husband (Alec Bladwin) takes a road trip from Cannes to Paris with her husband’s business partner (Arnaurd Viard). The idea is simple but it is very well executed. As Americans we can often have a difficult time relaxing since we are always on the go, go, go. As Anne (Lane) and Jacques (Viard) travel it’s interesting to see the little culture clash between an American woman and a French man.


The film is relaxed but also did a good job of capturing Anne’s impatience with Jacques at times. As I watched “Paris Can Wait” I felt like I was back in France enjoying all the best the country has to offer.


Diane Lane is given a wonderful role in this movie and she hits it out of the park. She creates a character that is looking forward as her is life beginning a new stage while at the same time looking back on the heartaches and joys of her past. Arnaud Viard is also excellent as Jacques who is everything that one expects from a French man, both good and bad. Alec Baldwin is fine but his role is basically a cameo.

I was a little nervous about Eleanor Coppola’s direction since I am not a fan of her daughter Sophia’s work. But I really enjoyed what she put on the screen here. I don’t think “Paris can Wait” is for everybody but if you enjoy European travel and/or Diane Lane it is definitely worth your time and money.

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