The Big Sick

A couple of weeks ago I went to see “The Big Sick” with my mom.


With the exception of “Alien: Covenant” there haven’t been any “summer” movies that have interested me this year. Thankfully, there has been enough counter programming to keep me interested in going to the movies.

I really enjoyed “The Big Sick”. Despite the fact that it’s based on the real life love story of Kumail Nanjiani and his wife it isn’t the most original story. I’ve seen the cultures clashing within a love story before. However, it is far more original than yet another Spiderman movie. The execution of the story is very well done and since the story has essentially been done before it is all about the execution.


Kumail Nanjiani is more or less playing himself but he does a great job of bringing all of the complexities of his “character” to life. It may sound easy to play yourself but there are some people who can’t at to the point that they can’t even be convincing in a role custom made for them. I think one of the things I liked the most about “The Big Sick” is that it had two really good (supporting) roles for women. As Kumail’s love interest Zoe Kazan is excellent. You can tell the real life Emily co-wrote the script because despite the fact that Kumail is clearly the protagonist the Emily on the screen is well written and is not a one note character. The other excellent female performance comes from Academy Award winner Holly Hunter as Emily’s mother Beth. What is so fantastic about Beth is that she isn’t just playing the mom role. There is enough depth added to her to see that Beth isn’t just a mother is a woman that has her own identity aside from her daughter and husband. And, as always, Holly Hunter is great fun to watch.


The biggest surprise of the movie is Ray Romano. He creates a character completely separate from his sitcom persona here and he actually acts and gives a good performance.

I am happy that his film has been a moderate sleeper hit this summer. Not only is it a solid rom -com but it is also very important in the current political landscape to have a film that has a Pakistani as its lead. In addition to being entertaining I hope this film cam open some hearts and minds. Obviously, I highly recommended “The Big Sick” to anybody who likes a good movie that has a heart and a brain.

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