United Kingdom-Day 8-Cardiff, Wales

The eighth day of my trip to the United Kingdom with my husband involved another day trip. This time we were taking the train from London to Cardiff, Wales. We got up early and prepared breakfast in our hotel room.

We then took the tube and were amused but a pigeon on the train.


When we got to Paddington station we were excited.


We had a little bit of drama getting our tickets printed but thankfully it didn’t put us in a position of having to worry about missing our train to Wales. Once we were on the train I listed to music and took in the sights of the English and then Welsh countryside. As he often does my husband fell asleep on the train.


When we arrived in Cardiff we were excited to be in a new country.


However, we were also concerned about the weather because it was raining, again. Still, we were determined to make the best of our day in Wales.

Our first destination in Cardiff was Cardiff Castle. On our way there we took the city for a bit.


Then stopped at a Starbucks to warm up. I wanted to stop at a local office shop, but we couldn’t find one. Then, of course, right after we left Starbucks we came across one. Isn’t that how life always works?

We were filled with mixed emotions as we arrived at Cardiff Castle. The Castle looked amazing just from the outside, but the rain was coming down harder and harder.


Once we were inside the Castle we did our best to enjoy it and stay dry. It was very challenging to try to take pictures and keep our camera and phones dry. Not to mention we didn’t want to be holding an umbrella in every picture. We did our best, that was all we could do.


I was fascinated to find out that the actual walls of Cardiff Castle had been used as bomb shelters during World War 2. I am always moved to see how much more the World Wars effected the European countries compared to the United States.


After seeing the inside of the walls of the Castle visited a part of the castle that served as a museum on the military history of Wales.


This was very interesting and it also allowed us a chance to be inside and get warm and dry.

We then headed to the keep. This was absolutely spectacular.


However, it was also very, very challenging to climb the stairs of the keep in the rain while holding an umbrella.


The views from the top of the keep were great and I am sure that on a summer day the views of Cardiff are unbelievable, but the rain severely limited our views.


Oh well.

Our next stop at Cardiff Castle were the apartments which were beautiful, warm and dry.


We really enjoyed our time in that part of the castle since we didn’t have to content with the rain.


Before leaving the castle, we had a snack which included a tasty Welsh treat.


When we had planned our day in Cardiff we had talked about visiting one of the parks or going down to the marina, but the rain just didn’t make either of those options appealing. Instead we went to the National Museum and took in some art there.


It was a great museum that allowed us to enjoy the city but also stay dry.

When the museum closed we did our souvenir shopping. Then it was time to find somewhere to eat. That proved to be a bit of a challenge. I wanted to find a place that served Welsh food but that actually proved more difficult than one would think. We kept coming across Italian restaurants. Finally, we settled on a restaurant that had a nice menu, even if it wasn’t Welsh specific.


When we sat down for dinner were both very tired from battling the rain all day. Not to mention I was still worried about my brother-in-law back in Colorado. Still, our dinner was very good.


If I am every back in Cardiff I would go back to that restaurant.

We ran into a bit of a problem after dinner. When we had purchased our tickets, we had imagined we would want to spend every possible second in Cardiff but because it was still raining there wasn’t much to do other than go to a bar and neither of us were interested in that. We ended up having to kill a lot of time at the Cardiff train station, which is a pretty small station for a capital city. This was very frustrating but there really wasn’t much we could do.


When the train to take us back to London finally arrived we were very relieved and very tired. The ride back to London felt really long, not to mention as we got closer to London some douchebag guys got on the train and were very loudn. Then, of course, once we were back in London we still had to take the tube back to our hotel.

When we went to bed that night we were both exhausted. We had enjoyed our day in Wales but due to very cold rain it wasn’t as great as we had imagined it would be. We were quickly learning that the United Kingdom in the rain is very different than the United Kingdom in the sun.

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