Several weeks ago my husband and I finally got around to seeing “Coco”.


I used to live and die for Pixar movies but I hadn’t seen one since 2010’s “Toy Story 3”. Except for “Cars 3” I had been interested in seeing every Pixar movie that had come out this decade but for one reason or another I never got around to seeing them. I wanted to make sure I saw “Coco” in the theater. Not only did it look good, but I wanted to support it because I am Mexican-American, and I wanted to support the first Pixar movie to have Latino characters at its center.

I absolutely loved “Coco”.


It reminded me of why I fell in love with Pixar movies in the first place. The film was funny and heartwarming and heartbreaking all at the same time. All the voice actors did a fantastic job. I felt like the film also did great job of being about a Mexican family but also making the story universally accessible for Non-Latino viewers.


I do think the film was a little predictable though. Three were two twists in the story that I saw coming a mile away but other than that I have no gripes with “Coco”. If you haven’t seen “Coco” yet I highly recommend seeing it as soon as you get a chance if you are somebody who likes Pixar films, Disney films, Animated film or films with a great heart.

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Justin Gomez and his sister, Terri, have never been close. Separated by nine years and distant in adulthood, Justin and Terri have little in common, except for the love of her three children. In the days before they embark on a road trip to visit the father that once abandoned them and their now deceased mother, both Terri and Justin are dealing with unexpected changes in their lives. Justin surprisingly realizes he might want more than a series of one night stands after a first date goes unexpectedly well. After a lifetime of being a strong type A personality, Terri is forced to confront the reality of the end of her marriage. As they hit the road, with Terri’s children in tow, they find themselves forced to rely on and confide in each other following a devastating event. Confronted with memories from the past and challenges from the present, Terri and Justin must dig deep and unearth the truth about themselves and their parents in order to build a new family based on their love for each other.



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