Victoria and Abdul

Three weeks ago my husband and I went to see “Victoria and Abdul”.


Since visiting London in April I have been more interested than ever in the history of the British Royal Family which was the main reason I wanted to see the movie. The other big reason I wanted to see it was for Judi Dench. It’s funny that Judi Dench playing Queen Victoria was a reason I wanted to see this movie because twenty years ago when she played Queen Victoria in “Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown” I would have never have imagined that I would want to see a movie simply because she was in it.


Life is funny that way. Has there ever been another actress that has found the height of her on screen fame starting in her 60s?

I really loved the movie. I thought that it was funny but it had enough serious moments to make it more than a comedy. The film brilliantly explores the dynamics of how friendship can transcend age, gender, distance, culture and religion.


I really liked how the film also didn’t completely whitewash the negative aspects of British colonialism in India. Just because Victoria and Abdul were close friends didn’t mean that the clash between these two lands didn’t exist.

Judi Dench was absolutely fantastic.

Victoria and Abdul

She finds an amazing balance between being regal and accessible. Ali Fazal matches the charm and depth of Dench in his performance as Abdul.


All of the supporting performances are good, especially Eddie Izzard as Edward, Victoria’s oldest son and the future King of England.


I highly recommend “Victoria and Abdul” for anybody who is looking for a charming movie filled with excellent performances that perfectly walks the line between comedy and drama.

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