Game of Thrones-Season 7-Episode 4

Although I haven’t had as much time this last week to read as I did earlier in the summer I have managed to get a decent amount of reading done in my projected of reading “A Feast for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons” combined as one giant book. I finished Cersei’s first chapter in “A Feast for Crows” and am on page 80. Meanwhile, I have just started Tyrion’s first chapter in “A Dance with Dragons” and am on page 22.

As much as I enjoyed last week’s episode of “A Game of Thrones” I felt that tonight’s episode blew it out of the water. It may have been the shortest episode in the entire history of the show but it was one of the most exciting, and that is saying something.

During the recap I was intrigued that attempt on Bran’s life by stabbing in season 1 was referenced. Now that I have finished reading “A Storm of Swords” I can attest to the fact that the attempt on Bran’s life is something that is covered in more depth in the book but up until tonight had not been touched on within the show since season 1. This surprised me a bit. Also, during the recap Arya was shown which meant that we would get the answer of whether or not she was going home to Winterfell or if she had changed her mind after her run in with her dire world, Nymeria, back in episode 2.

The episode began as Jamie is leaving Highgarden following the final fall of the Tyrell’s and the death of the Queen of Thornes. Jamie has the gold that Cersei so desperately needs to pay off the Iron Bank. Meanwhile, Bronn is unhappy with only getting gold.

Screenshot (294)

At this point he wants a Castle. Jamie seems irritated by this while his mind is somewhere else. Clearly Jamie was processing what Olenna Tyrell told him in regards to Joffrey’s death. I’m sure he is struggling on whether to tell Cersei the truth or not upon his return to King’s Landing.

Speaking of King’s Landing, that’s where we find Cersei meeting with the representative from the Iron Bank.

Screenshot (295)

He promises that she can count on the Iron Banks support once the told arrives. It was at this point early in the episode that I predicted that something would happen and the gold wouldn’t arrive. Things have been going in Cersei’s favor so much early in this season this it seemed pretty obvious to me that she was due for some kind of a setback.

At Winterfell, we see LIttlefinger meeting with Bran. The interaction between these two characters was odd.

Screenshot (296)

I’m not completely sure why Littlefinger would give Bran the dragger that was used on the attempt on his life back in Season one but it was pretty clear that this encounter did not go the way that Littlefinger saw it going one. As Littlefinger is doing his usual mustache twirling he says something about chaos and Bran quotes him saying, “Chaos is a latter” it was clear that Bran was not putting up with any of LIttlefinger’s shit.

It’s been clear that Bran has returned to Winterfell not to claim his birthright but for a larger reason related to the big battle that still lies ahead with the Night King. He is changed and his transformation is on full display when Meera comes to say good-bye. Meera Reed has been by Bran’s side for so long. She has been with him though the death of her brother, Summer and Hodor. All of this is on her mind and in her heart as she tells Bran good-bye. When all he can give her is a stoic “Thank You” she is very hurt.

Screenshot (297)

Yet, Bran isn’t really Bran anymore. As Meera says moments before leaves, “You died in that cave”. This scene broke my heart because Meera is right. Bran’s body exists physically but he is the Three Eyed Raven now. What was once Bran Stark is now something bigger and more important than just Ned Stark’s son.

As Meera leaves we see that Arya has chosen to return home to Winterfell after all. This made so extremely happy. I really thought she was going to go to King’s Landing to kill Cersei. Yet, when she arrives at the gates of Winterfell the guards do not believe it is her. I had an awful feeling that something was going to happen to Arya as the guards argued about which one of them should discuss her arrival with Sansa. My mind thought of how cruel it would be to have her finally get home only to immediately die. After all, this is the girl who thought she was going to be reunited with her mother and brother at The Twins before the Red Wedding destroyed that dream. Thankfully, that isn’t what happened. The guards are confused after Arya sneaks away. When the guards are describing the events to Sansa she believes that it is Arya and knows exactly where to find her…in the Crypts.

Screenshot (298)

When the polar opposite sisters meet again for the first time since they were both at King’s Landing in season one the reunion is somewhere in between the Sansa/Jon reunion from last season and the Sansa/Bran reunion from this season. The sisters are happy to see each other but the emotion of the Sansa/Jon reunion isn’t there. Arya never really and truly became no one but she isn’t totally herself anymore either. Still, it warmed my heart to see the two of them together again.

When Sansa informs Arya that Bran is also home they go to visit him at the tree. The interaction between the three siblings is interesting. The events since they were last all together have all changed all of them but to a different degree. Sansa has changed but it’s been more of a growth and evolution into the Lady of Winterfell, she is more like the second coming of her mother than another person all together. While Arya is in an in between place and Bran is completely different. Although all three of them have had very different journey’s it is clear there is a reason they only now find themselves back together again.

A last bit at Winterfell warmed my heart when Brienne and Pod see the three Stark children together.

Screenshot (300)

I couldn’t help but remember back to when Catelyn sent Brienne away with Jamie. It is truly amazing to think that somehow, someway they all found their way back to each other is pretty amazing and despite not wanting to take credit for it Brienne must feel like she did fulfill the vow she made way back then to the late Lady Stark.

Back in Dragonstone there was another a very interesting interaction between Jon and Dany. The interaction was interesting for two reasons. The first reason it was interesting was because of what actually happened. Jon took Dany down into the caves of Dragonstone to see the massive amounts of Dragonglass that will be able to be mined in order to defeat the Night King and the White Walkers. Also in the cave are drawings made by the Children of the Forrest including one drawing that showed the Children of the Forrest and the First Men fighting against the White Walkers. This particular drawing was important in that it stressed that even those who often fight amongst each must work together when there is a common enemy. Dany is clearly moved by these drawings and she declares that she will fight for Jon and for the North but only when he bends the knee. I love that Dany is standing firm in demanding allegiance from Jon.

Screenshot (301)

The second reason this scene was so interesting was because it was filled with an intense sexual tension between Jon and Dany. I can’t imagine that by the end of this season we won’t see the two of them at least kiss. And why not ?Auntie and Nephew are Targaryens and everybody knows the Targaryens love their incest.

Just as Jon and Danny emerge from the cave bad news arrives about what has happened at Casterly Rock and High Garden. Back in Meeren Dany made Tyrion her hand with the belief that his knowledge of Westeros would aid her in conquering her birthright. Yet, since she’s arrived back in Dragonstone things have gone from bad to worse and she’s had it with his strategy. She wants to take a move aggressive approach. She asks Jon’s opinion of what she should do. He advises her to take a more conservative approach, just as Tyrion has.

Back in Winterfell, Brienne is training Pod. Then Arya approaches asking Brienne to help train her. The interaction between Arya and Brienne was truly intense.

Screenshot (302)

Two tomboys who have learned the skills that are often reserved for men spar in a training sequence so intense that it felt as if it could turn into an actual battle at any time. Then LIttlefinger once again comes lurking around. I’m not sure what is going to happen with Littlefinger but the fact that all the Stark children are now back together seems to not bode well for him.

Checking back in at Dragonstone one last time there is a reunion that is far from happy. Theon arrives and he comes face to face with Jon for the first time since episode one. We have seen Theon go through hell on earth as Reek and we’ve seen him help Sansa escape Ramsay. Yet, it is easy to forget he is also the same man who betrayed the Starks. This is clearly on Jon’s mind as he sees the man that he grew up with at Winterfell.

Screenshot (303)

When Theon asks if Sansa is okay Jon declares that Theon helping Sansa escape Ramsay is the only reason he doesn’t kill him. When Theon asks about Dany we find out that she has left. But where has she gone?

The episode ended with an amazing battle sequence. We find Jamie, Bronn and everybody they are traveling with getting closer to King’s Landing. The gold they so desperately wanted and needed has arrived back in King’s Landing but Cersei’s luck is about to run out as Dany finally kicks some ass in her homeland. The Lannister troops are overwhelmed with the arrival of the Dothraki.

Screenshot (304)

The way the Dothraki fight is far more aggressive than what the people of Westeros are used to but as we know the Dothraki aren’t Dany’s greatest weapon, her dragons are. Dany arrives riding Drogon and she unleashes fire upon those fighting for Jamie and Cersei. It was so exciting to watch Drogon’s fire destroy the wagons and the supplies of the Lannister army. But we know from earlier in the season that Qyburn has been helping Cersei prepare to battle Dany’s dragons by creating a massive weapon called the scorpion. As chaos envelopes the battlefield Bronn, following Jamie’s instructions, heads to the scorpion and shoots at Drogon. He misses the first time but the second time he hits the alpha dragon. I was so upset when Drogon was injured. I like Bronn but I am and have always been one hundred percent team Dany. As all of this is unfolding Tyrion watches the battle from high above a nearby hill and he sees Jamie. Tyrion has mixed emotions for his brother and hopes he runs away. As Drogon lands and destroys the scorpion Jamie doesn’t flee. Jamie heads towards Dany looking to kill her but then Drogon turns and unleashes another mouthful of fire  in Jamie’s direction.

Screenshot (306)

A split second before the flames of Drogon are about to burn Jamie to a crisp Bronn comes out of nowhere and saves Jamie by pulling them both into the river. But Jamie is doomed none the less. His armor is so heavy that it sinks him deep into the water.

The question now is did Jamie drown or will he be rescued before he dies only to become a prisoner for Dany? I personally would prefer it if Jamie was dead. I’ve had it with him enabling Cersei. I feel like what was the point of his redemption arc if he’s ultimately going to side with is monster of a sister? Cersei has lost everything except Jamie and I would love it if she loses the last thing she cares about. But we shall see. I don’t know what seems more unreal. The fact that in a seven episode season we are more than halfway done with this season or the fact that there are only nine episodes left in the entire series.

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