The Lovers

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to see “The Lovers”.


There are two words that sum up why I wanted to see this movie….Debra Winger. I absolutely adore Debra Winger. I think that she is an incredible actress who has remained an fascinating enigma over the course of her nearly forty year career. She doesn’t often act so when she does it is an event. The fact that she had a lead role in “The Lovers” rather than a supporting role was even more of a reason for me to see the movie.

“The Lovers” is about a couple in late middle age whose marriage has grown stale. Their only child has grown up and moved away and both husband and wife are carrying of affairs. Each one of them is planning on leaving the other one and then all of a sudden they find a renewed passion for each other.


The film is really interesting in the way that it explores issues of love, marriage, infidelity, age, parenting and life. It’s very clear both husband (Tracy Letts) and wife (Winger) have made significant mistakes but by the end of the movie you understand that their reasons for their mistakes are different. It’s fascinating two watch to adults in late middle age behaving like teenagers because of boredom and unhappiness. As their attraction to each other returns the audience is left wondering if their passion is for each other or for sneaking around.

The movie has a very slow build. For the first two acts of the film I wasn’t sure how much I liked the film. But when the film reaches its third act all the pieces come together and there is a lot of drama.


The drama reaches its height when the couples son comes home with his girlfriend. What was so powerful about the last thirty minutes of the film is seeing these two character realize that they aren’t teenagers. They are adults and their decisions have consequences that affect not only themselves but other people.

Debra Winger is absolutely wonderful in this film. She has always had a wonderful presence on screen but in this film she is able to take her life experience and add great depth to her character. Tracy Letts is effective in his role but I feel like I’ve seen him play a version of this character multiple times before. I’m starting to think he is a one trick pony and I’m not sure if I like his trick.

I have a feeling that “The Lovers” is a movie that people will either really like or really dislike. I really liked it. I highly recommend it for anybody who wants a summer movie that has a brain. It’s also worth seeing to watch Debra Winger do her thing.

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