Alien: Covenant

I am very loyal to the Alien franchise, with the exception of that Alien vs. Predator nonsense. So you  better believe that I was going to see “Alien: Covenant” in the theater.


Because of previous engagements I was not able to see it opening weekend so my husband and I saw it the second weekend it was out.

I liked but did not love “Alien: Covenant”. But to be honest the only two Alien movies I actually love are the original “Alien” and the 1986 sequel “Aliens”. “Alien: Covenant” was a mixture of the more philosophical “Prometheus” and the outright horror movie that was the original “Alien”. As I watched “Alien: Covenant” I thought that Ridley Scott is desperately trying to create a mythology out of the film franchise he began. I appreciate what he is trying to do. However, I think he is trying too hard. No matter how hard he tries he can’t change what these films are. They are slasher movies set in space. There are times when I feel like he is focusing so hard on trying to create a mythology and give the film depth that he drops the ball on the thriller aspects and totally reverts to clichés.


The decisions some of the characters make in this movie are too predictable and stupid. Not to mention that the last twenty minutes of the film are totally by the book and borrow heavily from both “Alien” and “Aliens”.

In terms of the performances, there is only one Sigorney Weaver. That fact that Sigorney Weaver received the first of her three Oscar nominations for “Aliens” should speak to how no Alien film will ever be the same without her. It seems that the Alien prequels that Ridley Scott is making will depend  on the performances of Michael Fasssbender.


Make not doubt he is excellent here playing two different roles. It’s too bad that Noomi Rapace isn’t back. I think she had the potential to be a good heiress to Sigorney Weaver. Katherine Waterson is good as the female protagonist in this film but she’s no Sigorney.


The rest of the cast is fine but they basically feel like stock characters and body count.

I know I’m nitpicking at the film but I actually did like it. So if you like the Alien films or Michael Fasssbender I do recommend it. If you don’t then there really is not point in seeing it.

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