London-Day 14

Since my husband and I always fly British Airways we have always gone through London Heathrow and usually on the way back home we have had to get up early for our first flight to connect through London Heathrow to get to Los Angeles. This time we didn’t have to get up early since we were already in London. We were able to sleep in until about 8:30 which was nice.

We were both still sick, although my husband was sicker than I was, and we were intimidated with the idea of flying eleven hours back to Los Angeles with our colds. Long plane rides can be difficult even when you are healthy. But sick or not it was time to head home.


We checked out of our hotel and wheeled our suitcases to the tube stop.


As difficult as it had been carrying our suitcases up the stairs of the tube station when we first arrived it was just as challenging taking them down the stairs.


We had to wait a little while for our train to the airport.


Once we were on the train I just tried to take it all in. As much as I want to believe we will go back to London you just never know what life is going to throw at you.

When we got to Heathrow it turned out we were a little too early to actually check our bags in which was annoying.


Finally it was time to check our bags in and go through security. Before this trip we had traveled through London Heathrow nine times but this time it felt kind of weird to enter Terminal five from a different entry point. We had time to have a nice late lunch at a sit down restaurant. Even though it was lunch time I had a traditional English breakfast.


I also had a pot of tea.


My husband had a salmon dish.


During our time in London my husband and I had been frustrated because we couldn’t find very many 2018 calendars. Well, at the very last minute we finally found some at the Glorious Britain tourist shop in Terminal 5 of Heathrow. Never give up!

My husband and I got really good seats for our flight. We found a section on the upper deck of the plane that allowed my husband to have the aisle eat and I got the window seat. On the long eleven hour flight I watched the movie “Denial”. It was really good. And I tried to get some sleep. I did enjoy getting a window seat because it allowed me to look out the window at Greenland.


Considering what is clearly happening with climate change I feel honored to see Greenland from above multiple times.

I made the mistake of not brining two giant bottles of water on the plane. One giant bottle of water wasn’t nearly enough. When we landed in LA I felt like I was going to freak out I was so dehydrated. My husband was in even worse shape than I was. He was clearing his throat and coughing non-stop. As always getting through immigration and customs here in the United States was way more difficult than it is in other countries which was even more annoying than normal since we were both sick.

When we got through immigration and customs I rushed to the 7-11 in the airport to buy a giant bottle of water. I chugged a bunch of it right away. When we were in the cab going home my husband sounded so awful that the cab driver asked him if he was okay and if he needed any water. It was kind of funny but not really. I think the cab driver was seriously scared of our plague because when we got out of the cab he rolled all the windows down as he drove away.

Our cat was super happy to see us. Getting to see her is always the best part of getting home from a trip.


The transition back to our normal life was more difficult than normal.Naturally we had a lot of laundry.


But worst of all my husband’s illness got worse. The changing air pressure on the plane pushed his cold all throughout his head. He ended up with a sinus infection and pink eye.

Despite the challenges we loved our time in London. We can’t wait to go back. And in the meantime we have all our souvenirs to keep our memories alive.


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