London-Day 13

On our last full day in London my husband and I once again slept in until around 9:00. This had helped us feel more rested the day before but at the same time it had given us a later start than we would normally have. The same thing proved true on the thirteenth day of our trip. By this time I was nearing the tail end of my cold. However, my husband was still right in the middle of his cold. Looking back I think he started getting sick a little bit later than I did which, of course, meant that he started getting well a little bit later than I did. We were both dragging but we did our best to get going because despite the later start and our colds there were still several things we wanted to do on our last full day in London.

So we ate breakfast, showered and headed out for the day.


Our first stop was the Ecuadorian Embassy. This was a political stop for me because I wanted to make my own personal statement about Julian Assange who I believe is a rapist and a Russian puppet.


I find him personally responsible for the fact that Donald Trump won the Electoral College. I think he is a coward and I believe the embassy of Ecuador is wrong to give him refuge for all of these years.

After my protest in front of the Ecuadorian Embassy we went to check out the world famous, massive and very expensive department store…Harrods.


Obviously, we weren’t going to be able to buy any clothes at Harrods (besides I had already done my clothes shopping earlier in the trip) I just wanted to see this legendary department store. It was very impressive. You could easily spend the whole day there since there are a number of restaurants. We did buy some things in the gift shop area of Harrods. I bought chocolates and a few other small things.


We then wondered around the store for a little bit. I wanted to ride the Egyptian escalator which was impressive.


My favorite thing at Harrods was a monument honoring Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed.


I was always a big fan of Princess Diana and I was very sad when she died so I liked getting to take a moment to remember and honor her.


I also enjoyed the fancy old school elevators they had at Harrods.


Unfortunately, my husband began to feel very weak while we were at Harrods and he said he needed to go back to our hotel room to lie down. He began to feel a little bit better once we exited Harrods and he got some fresh air.


He took a minute to rest and before we walked back to the tube.

When we got off the tube in our neighborhood my husband felt well enough to continue on. Apparently the warm and stuffy air inside of Harrods did a number on him. We walked from our normal tube stop to an area that featured a number of museums. We took a little break while we had a snack outside of the Natural History Museum.


We wanted to go to the Victoria and Albert Museum but we had to settle for just taking pictures of the outside.


The reason we were not able to visit the Victoria and Albert Museum was because we spent the rest of the day in the Science Museum.

My favorite part of the Science Museum was a temporary display on World War One.


In recent years I have become much more interested in World War One than World War Two so I was thrilled to see this display about how science played a part in the Great War. I was very intrigued to see the various gas masks.


I also loved learning how magnets were used to find and remove bullets.


I think as Americans we love to take credit for the victories in the World Wars but we forget how much more our British and French friends suffered as result of those two conflicts. It was also interesting to see some of the prosthetic limbs that were used a hundred years ago.


After checking out the World War One exhibit we took another little break in the snack shop. We followed that up by checking out an area that had displays on aviation. It was cool to see the ways humans tried to fly before they were successful.


I also enjoyed seeing airplanes from the past.


We began to work our way towards the IMAX theater to see a film but along the way we saw many old cars and trains.


The highlight for me was seeing the Rocket which was the fastest train in the world when it was built.


It reached speeds up to twenty eight miles an hour which was extraordinary at the time. There was another train right by the rocket that was even older. I really regret not taking a picture of it. Oh well. The IMAX film was wonderful. After the IMAX film was over we began to work our way out of the museum but we took our time because there was still more to see.


We were both very sad when we exited the science museum because our vacation was essentially over. We went back to our hotel room and pack up our stuff for our flight the next day. After we were done packing we headed out for our last dinner in London. We once again tried to go to the pub by our hotel.


Unfortunately, just like the night before we couldn’t get a table. So we settled on having dinner at a restaurant that was right by our tube station. We had been curious about the restaurant during our entire stay. We both liked it a lot. I had Fish and Chips.


My husband had Shepard’s Pie.


I also had a Fruit Tart for dessert.


We both felt really sorry for some fellow American tourists who several items stolen at the restaurant. It was a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings.

After dinner we walked back to our hotel. As we went to bed we were sad. Despite our colds it had been an amazing holiday. We both had fallen in love with London and didn’t want to leave but nothing lasts forever.

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