London-Day 10

When you finally accept the fact that you’re sick the best you can hope for is that the illness will be short one. When I had gone to bed the night before I had hoped that I would wake up feeling magically better, I had no such luck. When I woke up on the morning of the tenth day of our trip to London I felt just as bad, if not worse as I had the night before. My husband also wasn’t feeling well but at that point I was much sicker than he was. I was very low energy and it hurt my throat to talk. Faced with our illnesses we had two choices. Stay in the hotel room and rest or go about our planned trip and deal with it. Obviously, there does reach a point where you are too sick to push yourself but I wasn’t there so we continued on.

After eating breakfast and showering we once again were off. Since I was trying not to talk I just wrote notes to my husband and texted him to communicate for the first half of the day.

Our destination for the day was Greenwich and the Greenwich Observatory. Earlier in the trip we had talked about taking a boat ride up the River Thames from the Westminster area to Greenwich but since we were both sick we figured it was best to stick to the tube. We agreed it was not a good idea for either of us to be out on the water. We took a couple of different tube lines to an area called Canary Warf.


It was at this point we transferred to another train line but this one was an elevated train.


I love riding any kind of train but the elevated ones are my favorite because you can take in the sights while you ride.


As we arrived in Greenwich I was starting to feel a little bit better, and I was able to talk again. I think that was in large part due to the fact that it was such a warm and sunny day. It was so warm that I later found out that it was warmer in London that day than it was in Barcelona. Yay for climate change!?!

Greenwich was such a cute area.


We took a couple of pictures in front of the old war ship called the Cutty Sark.


As we walked from the Cutty Sark towards the Greenwich Observatory we were both taken by how nice Greenwich is.


If he had more time it would have been fun to just wonder around the little town. But we had places to go

Thankfully, I was feeling better because the climb up to the observatory from Greenwich was a steep one.


When we got the observatory, which was covered by our London passes, we were both excited. Without a doubt the highlight of the Greenwich observatory was getting to see the Prime Meridian!


It was a lot of fun to take several pictures involving the line that separates the world into East and West.


I hope someday I can visit the Equator to take similar pictures as I took with the Prime Meridian.


After taking a whole lot of pictures with the Prime Meridian we headed into the museum part of the observatory. The Greenwich Observatory is different than other observatories that I’ve been to because the focus was more on time rather than the stars.


The concept of time and how we keep track of time is an interesting idea to think about. It was fascinating to hear via the audio guide about all the work that went into trying to come up with the most accurate clocks possible prior to the 20th century.


As we exited one part of the observatory we enjoyed the views looking back into the financial district of London, which it turns out was Canary Warf where we had already been.


We then got to check out the various telescopes.


Some of them were old.


While one of them is still in use.


When we were done exploring the telescopes we made our way to the planetarium. As we waited to take in one of the shows we enjoyed some of the amazing photographs on display.


Our show at the planetarium was wonderful.

After our show at the planetarium we began to make our way down the hill from the observatory to Greenwich.


It was such a beautiful and warm day that there were moments that I was just focused on the day and not my illness.


My husband and I were both happy to see so many gay couples out enjoying the day together.


This is something that always makes me happy and proud of how far we all have come.


As we continued to make our way back into Greenwich we stopped to take lots of pictures.


We were both hungry so we found a little place to enjoy our dinner of meat pie and mashed potatoes.


A clear sign that I was sick on vacation verses sick at home is that I drank ale with my meal instead of just water.


I would never do that if I was sick at home but I decided to have a fuck kind of attitude.

After our meal we wondered around Greenwich for a little bit longer. We enjoyed the views of the River Thames.


And we took more pictures of the Cutty Sark.


There are many more things to see in Greenwich and we hope that someday we can go back to London and check them out.

Right before we got on the train to begin to head back to our hotel I stopped a fun house called a Helter Skelter.


I thought it looked like fun so I paid the three pounds to do it. It turns out it was just a slide. I was disappointed but I’m glad I did it so I didn’t end up wondering exactly what it was.

We then began our journey back to our hotel.


I was tired and certainly still sick. However, when you consider just how sick I had felt that morning I really felt like we had managed to salvage the day and have a nice time despite our illnesses.

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