London-Day 7

When I woke up on the seventh day of our trip to London the scratch at the top of my mouth was gone and had been replaced with a tickle in my throat. Looking back I was going through all of my textbook stages of getting a cold but I was still in some serious denial. I felt fine. I kept telling myself that it was just an irritation and that I was just dehydrated. I think if I had been at home and not on vacation I would have admitted the truth to myself and my husband but who wants to be sick on their vacation?

I once again made eggs for breakfast which was a lot easier than it had been the day before since I now knew how to use the stove top in our kitchen. After breakfast we showered and headed out for the day.

For the seventh day of our trip we were heading out of the city. We took the tube to the end of the line in Wimbledon and then transferred to another above ground train.


We didn’t realize it at the time but much like our trip to The Making of Harry Potter our oyster cards were being drained much quicker than we had anticipated.

Our destination was Hampton Court Palace which is located Southwest of London. When we got off the train we began the short walk to the palace.


We have been fortunate to visit other Royal Palaces on our travels. Such as Versailles in France 2012.


And Sans Succi in Germany in 2013.


However, we were especially excited to visit this one since it was originally built for King Henry VIII.


This is something that would have made us interested no matter what but our interest was even more heightened after learning the night before that our friend was of Tutor descent. Fortunately, our London pass paid for our entrance. After getting our tickets we wondered around the free area for a bit first.


Our first stop among the attractions that were covered by our ticket was a hedge maze.


Back in 2015 we had a hedge maze experience in Barcelona ruined by some obnoxious German children.


Thankfully that didn’t happen this time. We really enjoyed our hedge maze experience.


It was challenging enough to make it fun but not so challenging that it got us annoyed.


After exiting the hedge maze we wondered around an area called the wilderness for a bit.


Then it was time to actually head into the palace.


The first part of the palace we saw was the original part that had been built for King Henry VIII.


It was very beautiful.


The audio guide also gave us a lot of really interesting information about life during the reign of King Henry VIII.


Naturally we took lots of pictures.


When we were done with the original part of the palace we moved onto the “newer” parts that he been built by the Kings of the 1600s and 1700s.


As with the Tutor wing the audio guide filled us in on a lot of great history as we explored these rooms.


Although I wasn’t as familiar with Kings like George I and George II it was still fascinating to learn about them and see all the rooms they lived in.


Although these rooms are hundreds of years old I could tell that they were newer than the rooms of the Tutor wing were. We loved our time inside Hampton Court Palace.


But we did want to make sure we got plenty of time in the gardens too so before too long we said good-bye to the inside of the beautiful Royal Palace and headed out to the Royal Gardens.


The gardens of Hampton Court palace were absolutely stunning.


As much as I loved the inside of the palace I loved the gardens even more. Although there were other people there it wasn’t crowded which made it really nice. We took lots of pictures of the beautiful gardens.


A section called the Privy Gardens were my favorite part.


I never wanted to leave the Privy Gardens.


While we were wondering the amazing gardens I commented to my husband on what a gorgeous day it was. In fact it was a little too gorgeous. I worry that that warm days we had in England in April are a sign of climate change. While that made our vacation nice I fear for what it means in the long term. One unexpected bonus while visiting the gardens was seeing the world’s longest grapevine which has been around the time of King George III.


It is crazy to think that that grapevine is as old as the United States of America. The last part of the gardens was called the 20th Century Garden.


Although it wasn’t the prettiest garden we had it all to ourselves which made the experience extra special. We stayed in the gardens of Hampton Court until the last possible minute. By that time we were virtually the only ones there, so it was like they belonged to us.


But, alas, they did not belong to us so we had to leave. We were, of course, sad to leave Hampton Court.


We rode the train back to Wimbledon and then transferred to the tube to get back to our hotel. We stopped by the grocery store by our tube stop to buy some more of their delicious premade quiches since we had eaten all of our breakfast items from our first trip to the store.

When we got back to our hotel room we were hungry. Since we had already spent the day far away we decided to stick as close to our room as possible for dinner. That meant returning to the restaurant that was right under out hotel. I had a delicious sea-bass dish.


Meanwhile my husband enjoyed a salmon dish.


We also split a dessert.


It had been a great day filled with wonderful history. However, my throat still bothering me despite the many vitamin c drops I had sucked on that day, but I was still in major denial that I was actually getting sick.

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