The Girl on the Train

On Saturday afternoon my husband and I went to see “The Girl on the Train”.


Since neither of us had read the book we both wanted to see it sooner rather than later in order to avoid being spoiled. I thought the film was excellent. It’s not an art house masterpiece but instead a solid mainstream thriller that is well made with good acting. It is very much in the vain of 2014’s “Gone Girl”. Despite the fact that we went into the film unspoiled we were both able to figure out a certain plot point at about the same point but it didn’t affect our enjoyment of the film.

I really like the point of view structure of the film. As the film switches back and forth between three very flawed women you are reminded of how one person’s fantasy is another person’s nightmare.


The three women are all well played by Emily Blunt as Rachel, Rebecca Ferguson as Anna and Haley Bennett as Megan. Each of these women are more complicated than they seem at first, for some of them that complexity makes them more likeable and for some of them it makes them less likeable. But isn’t that like life itself? I also I like how the film makes us look and memory in a way that isn’t just black and white.

The film has been marketed as a vehicle for Emily Blunt and make no mistake she is the lead among the three women, I was very impressed with her performance and the layers she was able to add to the role of Rachel.


Rebecca Ferguson seems like the least complicated character for a long time but in the end she knows more than it appears.


Haley Bennett is good but I’m not quite sure that I’m buying her as the next big thing.


She seems a bit like the poor man’s Jennifer Lawrence. Among the supporting roles Justin Theroux is very good as Rachel’s ex-husband/Anna’s husband.


Allison Janney is also strong as a no nonsense detective. I absolutely loved the small but important role from Lisa Kudrow.

My husband and I enjoyed “The Girl on the Train” from beginning to end and recommend it for anybody who like a good thriller with strong performances.

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