The Light Between Oceans

Last Friday my husband and I went to see “The Light Between Oceans”.


We were both very interested in the film because of the impressive cast lead by Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Rachel Weisz. We both also like dark dramas, and what could be more of a dark drama than a film about post-traumatic stress disorder, miscarriages, death and child stealing. We already knew a lot about the film from the preview so it all came down to the execution.

The execution was very good, but not quite great. The film creates a very real world and certainly makes you get a taste of what it would be like for Tom (Fassbender) and Isabel (Vikander) to live on a tiny little island with nothing but the light house they are left in charge of. I liked the film but I didn’t love it the way that I wanted to. Be aware that spoilers follow—I suppose a reason that I didn’t love the film is because while I sympathize with Tom and Isabel after their second miscarriage I just could never support any of their actions once they decide not to report the arrival a small boat with a dead man and a baby inside. As much as they want a child the child that arrives on that boat is not theirs to raise and they both know it in the heart of hearts.


I understand that Isabel is heartbroken but it is just plain wrong that she basically demands of her husband that he break his code of honor, not to mention the law, in not reporting the arrival of a dead man and a baby. On the flip side I get that Tom feels bad for his wife but he’s inability to stand up for what he knows is right is also very wrong. The fact that the two leads are not that likeable is a problem, especially when the film is billed as a great love story, but that doesn’t mean the film isn’t worth watching. I knew at some point that the suspected mother of the baby would show up in the form of Rachel Weisz but I wasn’t expecting it to happen so early in the film. The arrival of Hannah (Weisz) earlier than I was expecting is a good thing because it gives us a full view of just how much wrong actions, no matter how well intended, can negatively impact people’s lives. Despite the fact that the film is set nearly a hundred years ago there are issues that are quite relevant today. Issues such as what makes a parent?


Where do you draw the line between the rights of a parent and what is best for a child and Can you forgive the unforgivable? Not to mentioned the ending of the film seems to let Tom and Isabel off the hook a bit too much.

The film is a great acting showcase for the three stars. Fassbender makes us really understand why Tom makes the decisions he does which is impressive since so many of his decisions are ones that he knows are wrong.


Vikander is phenomenal in her role, the fact that I had so many issues with her character really speaks to what a great job she did playing Isabel.


And Weisz is fantastic as Hannah; it’s great to see this Oscar winning actress back with this film and “The Lobster” earlier this year (check out my review of that film).


I also loved seeing Bryan Brown pop up as Hannah’s dad, I haven’t seen him on screen in quite a while.

So at the end of the day despite some of my issues with the actions that Tom and Isabel take and the ending I did very much like the film. It’s wasn’t the home run that I wanted it to be but it’s still better than most films. I do recommend it for those who like the actors involved or a good dark drama.

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