Florence Foster Jenkins

This past weekend I was excited to go to the movies for the first time since July 27th. I was torn between seeing “Jason Bourne” and “Florence Foster Jenkins”. I figured both movies would be good for what they are but what they are would be very different from each other. I decided on “Florence Foster Jenkins” because I know there has been some early Oscar Buzz for Hugh Grant and I figured no matter how great Matt Damon is in “Jason Bourne” there is no way he’s going to get an Oscar nomination for that movie. So I settled  in on a late afternoon matinee for “Florence Foster Jenkins”.


When I first saw the preview for “Florence Foster Jenkins” I thought it looked cute but not more than that. Make no doubt it is cute. However, there is a little more substance to it than meets the eye. This is not surprise when you consider it is Three Time Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep playing the title role.


Yes, on the surface the  film is about a rich woman who is a god awful singer but thinks that she is good. That aspect of the film provides plenty of laughs but there is much more heart underneath the surface. If you look closer the film is also about how love doesn’t take one form and how we can define it ourselves by setting our own rules. Not only that but the film also makes one think about health issues and how women throughout history have been forced to deal with the hand that is dealt to them by the men in their lives and just have to suffer in silence or near silence.

As expected Meryl Streep is fantastic. As always she completely throws  herself into the  role. And who else other than the woman who has been nominated for an Oscar nineteen times could be so good at being so bad? As the movie was ending I thought about what a great honor it is for the real life Florence Foster Jenkins to be played by Meryl Streep, an awful singer being played by the greatest film actress of all time? Sounds like a pretty good trade off to me. Hugh Grant adds more depth to his character than he has  so many times in the past, it seems the extra years haven given his Englishmen bit heart in addition to charm.


It was also great to see Simon Helberg from CBS’s “The Big Bang Theory” play a character that is so different than Howard Holowitz.


I enjoyed the film. It is still in theaters and I do recommend it for anybody who is a fan of Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant or a charming comedy with a big heart.

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