Star Trek: Beyond

My husband and I went to see “Star Trek: Beyond” on opening day with some friends.


I consider myself a general fan of Star Trek films. When I was a kid a saw a handful of episodes from the original series with my dad but I have never watched any of the subsequent TV series. I have seen most of the Star Trek films; my favorites being 1996’s “Star Trek: First Contact” and 2013’s “Star Trek: Into Darkness”.


Since I have seen most of the Star Trek movies I have a good base of Star Trek knowledge but I am most certainly not a Trekkie.

What I think has been so good about most Star Trek films is that they are accessible for both hard core Trekkies and a random person off the street. My husband had never seen any kind of Star Trek TV Show or movie before 2009’s reboot but that film was so well done that even a complete newbie like my husband had no problem following the film. “Star Trek: Into Darkness” was also excellent along these lines. I hoped for a similar result with “Star Trek: Beyond”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get it. The film was entertaining from start to finish but I felt like the story was a little bit of a mess. I also felt like it wasn’t accessible for the more casual fan. I had a hard time enjoying it as much as I would have liked and since I’m much more versed in the Star Trek universe my husband was completely lost. It’s too bad because I think the filmmakers really dropped the ball here.


I think there was a good film in there somewhere but they just didn’t put it together as well as they should have.

Despite my issues with the film overall there were still things I enjoyed. It was funny. Chris Pine has done a really great job of growing into the role of Captain Kirk. Zachary Quinto is, once again, fantastic as Mr. Spock. I was sad every time Anton Yelchin was on screen, for obvious reasons. As great as the returning cast was the highlight of the movie for me was newcomer Sofia Boutellaas as Jaylah.


I don’t hate that a saw the movie but it could have been a lot better. I think it’s probably more enjoyable for the true Trekkies out there, so if you’re a more casual Star Trek fan like me you’re probably good to skip this one in the theater.

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