Finding Dory

A few weeks ago I went to see “Finding Dory” with some friends.


From 1995 until 2010 I saw every Pixar movie with the exception of “Cars” but after “Toy Story 3” I just wasn’t as interested in their stuff as I had been in the past. As a result “Finding Dory” was the first Pixar movie I’ve seen in six years. It did a great job of reminding me of just how much I love their films.

One of the many things I liked about “Finding Dory” was that it had a touch of prequel to it, we find out about Dory’s childhood and how she ended up literally running into Marlin.

Sequels can be tricky business, especially sequels that come out thirteen years after the original film. An advantage that “Finding Dory” has is, of course, the fact that it’s an animated movie. Yes, the actors who are voicing the characters have aged but since the film is animated you can’t see the difference. That is a big plus since “Finding Dory” clearly picks up not long after the end of “Finding Nemo”.


Once again Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres do a great job with the voices of Marlin and Dory. One change in the voice work comes with Nemo and that is because the original Nemo , Alexander Gould, is twenty-two years old and his voice has changed. Stepping into the role of Nemo is Hayden Rolence and he does a good job. I do appreciate that Alexander Gould did get another voice role and I had to laugh at the meta casting of Sigourney Weaver as herself. The movie is everything you love about a Pixar film, it made me both laugh and cry (several times).

However, as much as I enjoyed the movie I did find, for the first time, that Pixar is really dipping into the somebody is lost plot too much. I know that getting lost is a big fear for both children and their parents but at a certain point there has to be other stories to tell and between the “Toy Story” series and the “Finding” series they’ve kind of emptied the well on that story line.


But that really is a minor gripe, I knew Dory was getting lost (duh, who didn’t).

I do highly, highly recommend “Finding Dory” for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet and liked “Finding Nemo”. This movie reminded me of how much I do love Pixar films, and high quality animated films in general.

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