Game of Thrones-Season 6-Episode 6

My glacial pace of reading “A Clash of Kings” continues. Over the last week I managed to only read twenty more pages and am currently in the middle of a Jon chapter on page 366.


Before last night’s episode began I predicted that both Loras Tyrell and Septa Unella would die. Usually with this show you don’t see the deaths coming. In an unexpected twist neither of the characters who I thought would die ended up passing away.

Episode six picks up where episode five left off with Bran and Meera being all on their own following the death of the Three Eyed Raven and Hodor. Poor Meera is the only one left to protect Bran and she tries desperately to pull him up a hill as he is in the middle of visioning. He sees the deaths of both of his parents as well as what I can only assume is the Mad King.

Screenshot (91)

As Bran emerges from his vision is seems that he and Meera are doomed as a bunch of the army of the dead quickly close in on them. And then a mysterious figure comes out of nowhere to save them. As I’ve mentioned many times my husband has read all the books and is currently rereading them. As this mysterious figured emerged out of nowhere to save Bran and Meera he said that he knew who it was. My guess was that it was the long missing Benjen Stark. My husband said it was somebody named Cold Hands who appears much earlier in the books but has yet to appear on the show.

The show then moved way south as Sam and Gilly approach Sam’s home of Horn Hill. Sam explains to Gilly the complications of her staying at Horn Hill while Sam is studying to become a Maester. Gilly needs to lie to Sam’s family and say that Little Sam is his son and that she can’t tell them that she is a Wildling.

Screenshot (92)

Sam’s father is very prejudice against Wildlings and Sam wants his family to accept her. When they first arrive at Horn Hill his family is a hundred percent accepting of Gilly but the family is just his mom and his sister. The real worry is Sam’s father and brother who are away on a hunt.

In King’s Landing, King Tommen is talking to the High Sparrow. I remember back in Season 4 after the Purple Wedding when Tywin was talking to Tommen about what kind of King he wanted/needed to be. It is quite clear that Tommen is a very weak king. There is no doubt that he is not crazy like his brother or boorish like his “father”. Tommen is sweet and kind but he is very easily manipulated. In that conversation back in Season 4 Tywin told him grandson that it was important to listen to his advisors but it seems that Tommen has taken that to the extreme. He seems to go with the wind. Whoever has his ear at any given moment is the one who shapes the policy of the King. The High Sparrow lets Tommen see Margery who the High Sparrow believes has committed herself to the gods. Before the show even showed Margery had a feeling that she was faking it to get her out of her imprisonment. When Tommen meets with Margery she continues with her act.

Screenshot (93)

She talks of the lies she has told herself. The reason I think Margery is faking it is because there was something about the way that Margery was acting that seemed very not genuine to me. I don’t buy for a second that she believes she did anything wrong or that she actually believes in what the High Sparrow and Septa Unella believe. She has always been the opposite of Cersei. Where Cersei wants to get things through force and catch flies with vinegar Margery has chosen to kill people with kindness and choses to catch flies with honey. This would explain Margery’s strategy of letting the High Sparrow think she has converted.

Back down in Horn Hill, Sam and Gilly head off to dinner with Sam’s family. It is humorous to see Gilly in the ladies clothes of Sam’s sister, she looks incredibly awkward.

Screenshot (94)

Speaking of awkward the dinner with Sam’s family starts out that way before completely falling apart. When Sam asks for more bread his dad starts to pick at him saying/asking, “You’re not fat enough already?” Sam’s dad is just awful. Sam slips into little boy mode and seems to throw smaller and quitter in his seat as his dad continues to hammer home just how awful Sam is and how little he thinks of him. It is Gilly who stands up for Sam but in the process of standing up for him she outs herself as a Wildling which leads to more problems. Sam’s mom tires to help. Sam’s dad does say that Gilly and Little Sam can stay and that Gilly will work in the kitchens but that Sam will never spend the night at Horn Hill again. Although Sam’s father isn’t kicking Gilly and Little Sam out it is not at all acceptance. Sam apologizes to Gilly and says good-bye. A few moments later he returns to Gilly’s room saying that the three of them belong together. Leaving Horn Hill in the middle of the night is one thing, it’s pretty clear Sam’s father doesn’t want them there, but for some reason Sam decides to take a sword that has been in the family for generations and generations. I get that this is kind of fuck you move to his dad but I fear it could really complicate things for Sam, Gilly and Little Sam in the future. I don’t think Sam’s dad is just going to let that go.

Over in Braavos, Arya is watching the play about Westeros again. This time she is watching the Purple Wedding play out. It occurred to me that Jaqen H’ghar has chosen the Lady Crane to be Arya’s target because she plays Cersei in the play. It is an interesting situation. Arya has wanted to kill Cersei for a long time and by killing the Lady Crane she would be killing Cersei in a sense. Arya sneaks backstage at the play and puts the poison Lady Crane’s wine. On her way out Arya speaks to Lady Crane. When asked what her name is Arya answers Mercy. Just as Lady Crane is about to drink her poison wine Arya saves her by knocking the wine out of her hand.

Screenshot (95)

This is a big mistake. As Jacqen H’ghar pointed out a girl (Arya) was getting a second chance, there would not be a third. Knowing that she has chosen not to forget her past and become no one Arya returns to her identity and goes and gets her sword, needle, out of the hiding place she put it at the beginning of Season 5. Unfortunately for Arya somebody was watching her when she saved Lady Crane and that was Waif who reports Arya’s failure to Jacqen H’ghar who is in the process of removing a face from a dead body. During their conversation we find out that Waif now has Jacqen H’ghar’s permission to kill Arya as long she doesn’t suffer. I really fear for Arya’s future. For all she’s been though over the years Arya has never been the direct target in the way she is now.

In Kings Landing, the High Sparrow is giving a speech before Margery takes her walk of atonement.

Screenshot (96)

Right before that happens Mace Tyrell, the Queen of Torns and Jamie arrive. This is when I expected Loras and Septa Unella to die. I imagined that a conflict between the Tyrells and the King’s Guard would erupt into a giant battle against the faith militant. Especially when Jamie states that every last Sparrow will die before Margery walks down the street for her walk of atonement. But Margery actually had everything under control. The High Sparrow announces that there will be no walk of atonement to which there is a collective gasp among the citizens of King’s Landing. According to the High Sparrow the reason Margery doesn’t have to do the walk of atonement is because she has already atoned for her sins. As Margery stands before the citizens of King’s Landing I remained unconvinced of her conversion. What I am convinced of is that Margery truly is a master manipulator who knows how to give people what they want without them knowing that she is manipulating them. This becomes even more apparent when Tommen emerges and declares that there is now a holy alliance between the crown and the faith and that together they will restore the seven kingdoms to glory. Poor sweet Tommen, so very easily manipulated and taken advantage of…I have no doubt that the High Sparrow and Margery have Tommen convinced and that he thinks this alliance is a good thing.  He may even think he’s found religion but I don’t see it lasting. But a weak King is a King who is easily controlled and by now I think all the power players in King’s Landing know this and that is why it was so important for Margery to get back to Tommen so she can become the one who is pulling the puppet strings. Back at the Red Keep, Tommen dismisses Jamie from the King’s Guard and sends him off to Riverrun. This has to be utterly devastating for Jamie.

The show then checks in with a character we haven’t seen since Season three and that is Walder Frey who is upset that the Blackfish has taken back Riverrun.

Screenshot (97)

He plans on using Edmure Tully as a way to take it back.

Checking in on King’s Landing one more time we find out that Jamie is being sent to the Riverlands to deal with the Blackfish. Jamie wants to act brashly and kill the High Sparrow but Cersei urges him not to.

Screenshot (98)

Despite the fact they are about to be separated Cersei feels they are stronger for what they have been though.

Moving back to the far North we find that Bran and Meera’s savior is saying that he Three Eyed Raven sent for him and that the Three Eyed Raven lives again in Bran. Then the identity of the savior is revealed and like I has suspected it is the long lost Benjen Stark.

Screenshot (99)

He tells them that when he went missing back in Season 1/Book 1 the Children of the Forrest saved him from becoming a White Walker. He stresses that Bran must learn to control his powers. I’m glad that Bran and Meera are no longer alone and I’m very intrigued to find out what happens next with this storyline.

The last sequence of the show moved over to Dany as she approaches Meereen. She asks Daario how many ships she’ll need to sell to Westeros and he says a thousand. Dany hears a noise and excuses herself. She is gone for a while and Daario and the army of Dorthraki seem to grow restless and then Drogon appears with Dany riding him. Dany gives a great speech which further inspires the Dorthraki to continue on their journey with her.

Screenshot (100)

Dany’s scene didn’t really advance her storyline but I’m always up for some Dragon porn.

Despite the fact that Dany’s one scene didn’t move her storyline forward I sense a change in the show. After years and years of the universe growing bigger and bigger and the story getting more and more spread out I feel the circle coming together. Characters and storylines are getting closer together and conclusions seem to be much closer. This makes sense because as of the day the show has had fifty six episodes and there are only seventeen left and only four left this season.

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One thought on “Game of Thrones-Season 6-Episode 6

  1. While this episode did not have the emotional highs of the past three episodes, it was still very solid.

    Bran’s storyline continues to be a highpoint in the series. Just when you think all is lost, a book character that everyone believed had been cut from the show makes his first appearance: Coldhands. While in the books Coldhands’ true identity remains a mystery, the show cuts right to the chase by revealing that Coldhands is the long lost Benjen Stark. This may not necessarily be a spoiler from the books. Although the “Benjen is Coldhands” theory is well known in fan sites, it is not the only theory out there. It’s quite possible that the TV show is doing what they have done with other characters (Jaqen H’gar, Gendry, and to some extent Sansa), using a well known established character as a stand-in to avoid introducing a new character.

    I agree with your assessment of Margaery. There is no way in HELL that Marge is drinking the kool aid. She’s very shrewd at telling people what they want to hear and is a damn good actress. She briefly breaks character when Jaime, Mace and the Tyrell forces show up at the Sept to “liberate” her. She clearly hadn’t factored that into the equation and seems quite aware that the rescue mission could backfire and destroy her carefully laid out plan. But she quickly regains her composure and continues with her act, which successfully leads to her freedom. This is a parallel to how Dany freed herself from the Dothraki a few episodes ago. Neither Dany nor Margaery need men to rescue them. They rely on their own skills to do so. Where as Dany relies on “Fire and Blood” to save herself, Margaery continues to use her social skills to get what she wants. Everyone underestimates her because she appears to be sweet and beautiful like a rose, but roses have thorns.

    I also think it’s really interesting that Margaery continues her act in front of Tommen. Obviously, she’s doing this because she’s still held captive by the Faith. But I think there’s more. She’s manipulating Tommen as well. She knows that he’s gullible and easily manipulated. She can’t really share her strategy with him because he might spill the beans to Cersei or worse to the High Sparrow. I also believe that Tommen is dismissing Jaime from the Kingsguard under Margaery’s suggestion. She is trying to weaken Cersei by removing her strongest ally. However, Loras is still in jail. And it’s still TBD how long Margaery will continue with her act now that she is free.

    Some of my favorite scenes in this episode took place in Horn Hill. We have never visited castles in The Reach on the books or the show. This is a first. Randyll Tarly is a character that seldom appears in the books. When he does, he definitely lives up to the nasty reputation that we get from Sam’s POV. The show puts on display Randyll’s worse attributes. He clearly went to the Tywin Lannister School of Shitty Fathers. I was really happy that Gilly stood up to him. Being a wildling, Gilly is completely unimpressed or intimidated by a fancy Lord like Randyll Tarly. It goes without saying that Gilly knows a thing or two about shitty fathers. I also must comment about how wonderful Hannah Murray is playing Gilly. She brings so much life, heart and sometimes heartbreak into the thankless role of the “love interest”. Sam’s decision to take Heartsbane is more than just a “fuck you” to his dad. That sword is Valyran steel. Sam and the Night’s Watch need it more than the Tarlys. Naturally, this will probably lead to a bigger confrontation between Sam and Randyll.

    Arya scenes in Braavos were interesting. It seems to me that Jaqen’s test is a no-win situation for Arya. If she kills Lady Crane, she could be re-directing her thirst for vengeance against Cersei towards an actress who plays her. If she refuses to kill Lady Crane, then she has disobeyed an order from the Faceless Men. Elements from this episode come from a preview Arya chapter from The Winds of Winter. Like most of the other characters, Arya is officially going beyond the books now.

    While the show is moving beyond the books with Arya, they are also revisiting a storyline from A Feast for Crows I believe they would abandon: Riverrun. While a lot of the circumstances and characters involved are different, I expect many elements to remain the same. I’m excited because at least in this one storyline, I’m not Unsullied.

    The last scene with Dany is clearly a throwaway to give Emilia Clarke her screen time quota, but who doesn’t love some good dragon porn?

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