Game of Thrones-Season 6-Episode 5

I have only managed to read 16 pages in “A Clash of Kings” over the last week and am currently on page 346.


Tonight’s episode of “Game of Thrones” was an absolute roller-coaster that left both me and my husband weepy messes.

The episode began at Castle Black. Sansa receives a letter from Littlefinger. She goes to meet him at Moles Town and is understandably very upset with him. For a character that has been so passive in the past she has certainly turned into quite the strong woman this season and I am thrilled with this change. She confronts Littlefinger about the arranged marriage to Ramsay.

Screenshot (79)

She correctly says of how awful Ramsay is, “If you didn’t know you’re an idiot. If you did you’re my enemy.” When Littlefinger says he didn’t know Sansa continues to confront him pressing him to tell her what he thinks Ramsay did her to. I really liked it when Sansa said to Littlefinger, “You won’t be able to protect yourself I ask Brienne to cut you down.” On her way out of her meeting Sansa tells Littlefinger that she never wants to see him again. He doesn’t let her just walk away though. He informs her that her uncle, the Blackfish, has reassembled the Tully armies at Riverrun and seems to try to plant seeds of doubt in her mind since Jon is only her “half-brother”. I am not quite sure what is going to happen with Littlefinger. I seems like he hasn’t had much to do ever since he pushed Lysa out of the moon door in Season 4.

In Braavos, Arya is training with Waif and she is really struggling. At one point Waif says, “You’ll never be one of us, Lady Stark.” This seems to be a bit more of mind games of constantly testing Arya but Jaqen H’ghar reveals that in a way it is true. The faceless men are not highborn and Arya is. He informs her that she is to target an actress. She is getting a second chance and there will not be a third. When Arya goes to scout out the actress she is forced to confront her own past. The play the actress is in is about Robert Baratheon’s death and her father and sister are heavily featured in in. The play makes fun of everybody but it had to be especially difficult for Arya to watch because the portrayal of her father and sister is not at all kind.

Screenshot (80)

As Arya was watching the play I was struck with how there were things in the play that Arya might not have known about, such as Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion. I have no doubt that Jaqen H’ghar wants the actress’ life to be taken but sending Arya to that particular play seems like a big test. Is she able to see her own families struggles played out and continue her quest to become nobody? She says she is dedicated but I remain unconvinced.

Way north of the wall Bran is on a vision with the Three Eyed Raven. It is revealed that it was the Children of the Forest who made the White Walkers when they were fighting the first men.

Screenshot (83)

This was an astonishing revelation and really speaks to how in life and war the solution to a problem can very often lead to a bigger problem.

Over on the Iron Islands Yara makes a claim to be the Queen. There is a lot of skepticism about a woman commanding the Iron Islands, and then Theon comes to his sister’s aid and make a great speech in her favor.

Screenshot (84)

For a few moments it seems like it is going to work as the crowd begins to chant “Yara, Yara, Yara” but it is very short lived. Euron makes his own claim to the Iron Throne. He quickly takes to mocking Theon and admits that he killed Balon. I found it sad how quickly how quickly the crowd turned against Yara and in Euron’s favor. I think it really spoke to how reluctant men are to have a woman as their leader even if the woman is more qualified than a man who just suddenly threw his hat into the ring. In what was a jaw dropping moment for me Euron says that he wants to align with Dany. This left me speechless and very torn. I’ve been rooting for Dany to take back the Seven Kingdoms since season one but I certainly don’t want her working with Euron. Back in seasons one, two and three I didn’t think I’d ever be on Theon’s side but I am now. Thankfully, Theon and Yara and those that remain loyal to them make a run for it while Euron is going through the ceremony to become the Salt King. It’s a good think they ran because the first thing Euron wants to do once he is crowned the Salt King is kill his niece and nephew. I’m glad Theon and Yara got away but I wonder where they will go and who they will align with.

As for Dany she finds herself in a tricky spot with Jorah. As she correctly says to him she’s banished him twice and he’s come back twice and he has saved her life. She can’t keep him but she can’t send him away. Then he shows her his greyscale. In a heartbreaking scene he tries to leave but she won’t let him; at least not without giving him what will possibly be the last command she’ll ever give and that is to find the cure for his grey scale and return to her. She tells him that when she takes back the seven kingdoms she’ll need him by her side.

Screenshot (85)

It was a touching moment but the possibility of Jorah being by Dany’s side when she arrives in Westeros seems slim to none now. After feeling like Dany’s storyline was stuck early in the season I feel like things are actually moving pretty quickly now.

In Meereen, it seems that Tyrion’s deal with the slavers has been working. The city that was on the verge of a civil war no longer has any violence. Tyrion and Varys met with a priestess that is quite similar to Melisandre. The big difference is that she is saying that Dany is the one that was promised. Varys calls her out because of the possibility that she is wrong. After all, Stannis was supposed to be the one that was promised and then was defeated and is now dead. The new Priestess reveals that she knows very personal and important information about Varys. This was really intriguing because in all these years I don’t think I’ve ever seen Varys speechless before.

Screenshot (86)

Moving back to Bran a disaster begins to unfold. When he is unable to wake the Three Eyes Raven up he decides to vision on his own. Is proves to be a mistake of epic proportions. Bran finds himself among the Army of White Walkers; that would be scary enough but then they see him and the Night’s King touches him. The Three Eyes Raven reveals that since the Night’s king touched Bran he can get into the cave and Bran must leave. The Three Eyed Ravel also tells Bran that he must now become him even if he’s not ready.

The episode then moved back down to Castle Black. Jon, Sansa and Davos are plotting how to take Winterfell back. They know they need a bigger army to defeat Ramsay but the question is how do they get that bigger army? I was so proud of Sansa in this scene because she is so strong and involved in the plotting and the planning. Since she is the one with the Stark name it seems she will be an important symbol in this war. She informs everybody that her uncle, the Blackfish, has retaken Riverrun and that the Tully’s will fight with them. Yet, for some reason Sansa lies about how she came out this information. This is something Brienne calls her out on when Sansa tells her that she wants Brienne to go to Riverrun and talk to her uncle. I had to laugh when Brienne said that Jon broods, she has no idea. The resurrected Jon is a lot less brooding and a lot more likeable now that he’s been brought back from the dead. I also had to laugh when Tormund looks at Brienne with bedroom eyes.

Screenshot (88)

As they all leave Castle Black I was hopeful for them.

Things way north of the Wall are much less hopeful. The army of White Walkers arrives at the cave and there is now stopping them. As they arrive Bran and the Three Eyed Raven are in a vision. It is up to the Children of the Forrest and Meera to try to save Bran. I cried though the entire scene as the army of the White Walkers makes their way into the cave. The Three Eyed Raven is killed as Bran’s loyal Direwolf, Summer, also dies. The only thing that saves Bran is listening to Meera’s instructions for Bran to warg into Hodor. Hodor gets them out of the cave but just barely. Then we find out how Hodor became Hodor. As Meera tells him to hold the door somehow Bran’s vision becomes linked with the present and the once sweet boy Wylis begins to seize. He keeps yelling “Hold the door, hold the door” in the past while in the present Hodor tries to hold the door that Bran and Meera have escaped out of shut. As Wylis says “Hold the door, hold the door” it begins to slowly change to h”old door, hold door “and eventually “hodor”, as the army of the dead break through the door and kill him.

Screenshot (89)

Bran and Meera may have escaped for now but it without the protection of the cave or the guidance of the Three Eyed Raven they have little to save them.

Once the shock of the episode it became clear that Bran is able to shape the past in his visions. What that means for the future of this show is anybody’s guess.

I was a totally weepy mess at the end of the episode. It seems almost unreal that we are now halfway through season 6.

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