Game of Thrones-Season 6-Episode 3

Over the last week I have managed to read 39 more pages in “A Clash of Kings” and am currently in the middle of an Arya chapter on page 300.


Since last week’s episode ended with Jon being resurrected from the dead it makes sense that Episode 3 of Season 6 would begin at the Wall. It seems as though Davos hadn’t quite left the room when Jon returned after all. As Jon sits up Ghost cries. The connection between the Stark children (no matter who Jon’s mother is he is a Stark) and the Dire Wolves is a deep one. In clear shock Jon touches the wounds that lead to his death. Davos rushes to his side and tries to help him but understandably (a naked) Jon falls down.

Screenshot (62)

Davos and Jon are soon joined by Melisandre. Davos asks Jon the question we are all asking, “What do you remember.” To which Jon replies “They stabbed me. Olly, put a knife in my heart.” The real question we all want answered is a little more specific and Melisandre asks it. What did Jon see after he died? I think many of us believe that Jon was warging inside of Ghost. But Jon just replies that here was nothing. The faith that had disappeared from Melisandre previously returns as she declares that Stannis was not the Prince that was promised and implies that Jon is. Of course this is tied to Jon’s parentage, a secret that the show is getting ever so close to finally revealing. Jon next steps outside where the members of the Night’s Watch and the Wildings who remained loyal to him stand shocked. I found this opening sequence very effective. It was also the BEST acting Kit Harrington has EVER done, by FAR.

The show then moved us to a ship to catch up with two characters we hadn’t seen since last season; Sam and Gilly. Last season before Jon was killed they left Castle Black to head to Oldtown so that Sam could study to become a Maester. In a classic Sam moment he is super seasick and throws up.

Screenshot (63)

It is revealed that Gilly will not be able to join Sam in Oldtown because women aren’t allowed in the Citadel while he studies. This, of course, is very upsetting to Gilly. Sam informs her that she’s going to have to stay at Hornhill with his family. This was really sad however it was really touching at the end of the scene when Gilly referred to Sam as the father of her son.

In another vision/flashback by Bran and the Three Eyed Raven viewers came as close as they ever have to discovering one of the greatest mysteries of this story. Within the vision/flashback Bran sees his father, Ned Stark, as a young man with Howland Reed. What is so interesting about this scene to me personally is that I went digging through the book “A Game of Thrones” last week looking for the exact scene that was shown on the show last night. I was trying to figure out who might have been with Ned when Lyanna was “lying in her bed of blood” that would still be alive. I couldn’t quite figure it out but my husband who is much more versed in “A Song of Ice and Fire” than I am told me it was Howland Reed. I was so excited that the scene I had been searching for in the first book appeared on the show last night. In the scene Ned asks Targaryen guards why they didn’t protect Rhaegar and demands to see his sister. The Targaryen guards seem determined to keep Ned from seeing Lyanna who we can only assume is in the castle in behind them.

Screenshot (64)

Ned and the Targaryen guards battle and as Bran points out Ned is losing. This goes against the story Bran had heard his whole life and then we find out Ned had actually been very close to dying and was saved by Howland Reed. The sound of a woman (who we can only assume is Lyanna) screaming from the castle is heard and Ned hurries up to the castle. That is when the Three Eyed Raven tells Bran it is time to go. A defiant Bran yells “father” and in a very interesting moment Ned stops as if he heard his son who hasn’t been born yet. Against his will the Three Eyed Raven forces Bran to return to the present way North of the Wall. I found this whole scene fascinating; not just because of what was nearly reveled in term of Lyanna but also in terms of Bran. If Ned did indeed hear Bran and not the wind as the Three Eyed Raven stated what does that mean? Does that mean that Bran has the ability to change the past? Does that mean that Bran can change the future? The Three Eyed Raven insisted that Bran wouldn’t stay at the tree until he is an old man but he will have to stay until he learns “everyting”. One has to assume that “everything” is not just the secrets of his family but also how to use his powers for good. After a season without Bran I am very excited to see where him story is headed.

The action next moved East to Essos. Episode 2 didn’t have Dany but in this episode we see her arriving at Vaes Dorthrak. As she arrived I wanted to believe that a city full of women could actually be a great asset to Dany. I would love it if she could convince all of the Dothraki widows to become a part of her army. I can just envision Dany conquering Westeros with an army of freed slaves and Dorthraki widows. Unfortunately, once the story began to unfold in Vaes Dorthrak it was clear that isn’t going to happen. Considering the women in Vaes Dorthrak are upset with Dany for not going to Vaes Dorthrak right after Khal Drogo died I don’t see how they can ever become part of her army.

Screenshot (65)

One of the older widows informs her that the meeting of all the Kahls will determine her fate and she’ll spend the rest of her life in Vaes Dorthrak but only if she is lucky. I am very frustrated with Dany’s story line. I so badly want her to conquer Westeros but I don’t see how that can happen with time running out. To put it in a larger perspective last night was the 53rd episode of “Game of Thrones” than means that if the producers are telling the truth there are only 20 episodes left in the entire series. At this point I just don’t see how it is possible for Dany to get where she is now (basically back at square one) to where she wants to be before the show is over. I hope I’m wrong. I still want to believe that she is going to get the Dorthraki on her side but with each episode that she doesn’t begin to move West it seems less and less likely that she ever will.

Down in Meereen not all that much is happening either. The most important development of this sequence is that Varys learns that the slavers of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis are behind the Sons of the Harpy and their attempt on Dany’s life.

Screenshot (66)

This is important information, do doubt, but I have to agree with my husband that the scene with Tyrion, Greyworm and Missandei felt very much like filler. On a personal note I have to admit that it wasn’t until this episode that I realized that Varys’ “little birds” are actually children. I feel like this is something I should have realized before.

Moving back to Westeros and King’s Landing the point about Varys “little birds” being children is driven home. In the first two episodes of this season I felt like Cersei was a little bit broken, this makes sense considering her walk of shame. However, I feel like Cersei is broken no more. She is back and she is ready to unleash her own brand of crazy vengeance on anybody that she sees as her enemy. She and Jamie interrupt a meeting of the small counsel. The scene with the small counsel marked the first appearance of the Queen of Thrones this season which thrilled me.

Screenshot (67)

I also was very amused that at the small counsel it is declared that while they can’t make Cersei, Jamie and the Zombie Mountain leave they also can’t be forced to stay.

I have very mixed feelings about Tommen. I like him but I don’t care for his family. With both of his siblings dead I like he is a dead man walking. He’s trying to be more King like and powerful but it just isn’t happening. In a visit to the High Sparrow his voice shakes and he tries to be tough. It doesn’t take much for the High Sparrow to defuse him.

Screenshot (68)

I don’t want Tommen to be tyrant but he needs to be stronger and actually get his wife set free instead of buying into the High Sparrow’s argument that “It’s what the gods want.”

Heading back East to Bravos we see Arya fighting with her stick against Waif. As Arya learns to fight blind Waif insists that “a girl” tell her about Arya’s life before she became no one. What was quite interesting about this is that Arya’s list of people she wants dead has shrunk. This because somebody else killed them, like Joffrey, she killed them, like Meryn Trant, or because she took them off her list, like the Hound. I think there is some importance to this even if I don’t yet know what it is. Arya is clearly getting better fighting blind as is demonstrated when she blocks Waifs stick and knocks Waif down with her own. This then leads to Jaqen H’ghar again trying to temp Arya into saying her name in exchange for the return of her eyesight. Arya responds by saying a girl has no name. Then Arya has to trust and believe. Jaqen H’ghar offers her a drink of the water that has killed so many people. As Arya pauses before drinking it he states “If you are truly no one you have nothing to fear.” I was terrified at this moment. I love Arya and I would have lost it if she had died but she didn’t. In fact her eye sight returns and she still says she is no one.

Screenshot (69)

Up in Winterfell Ramsay is talking with Lord Umber. It seems that nobody is buying Ramsay’s story that Roose was poisoned. This is no surprise considering what a monster Ramsay is, why would anybody trust that is father was suddenly poisoned by their enemies? Lord Umber warns of Jon up at the Wall and how he has an army of Wildlings and how Jon and his army of Wildings may try to take Winterfell. He states that Ramsay should be ready. Although Lord Umber refuses to bend a knee for Ramsay he does offer something else. The missing Stark child, Rickon, with his Wilding protector, Osha.

Screenshot (70).png

Any doubt that it is Rickon is erased when the head of his dead dire wolf, Shaggy Dog, is thrown on a table. This scene was really upsetting. Rickon hasn’t been seen since the end of season three and to know that Sansa has escaped Ramsay’s sadistic control to only be replaced by Rickon is truly heartbreaking.

Back up at the Wall Jon hangs his assassins. Different people have different feelings about Olly. I get that Ygritte killed his father back in season 4 and that that same group of Wildings killed his mother too. I understand why he killed Ygritte, I really do. However, I just can’t forgive him for killing Jon at the end of season 5, even if Jon has been brought back to life. Jon allows all of the men he is hanging to have last words and Olly is the only one who doesn’t speak.

Screenshot (71)

With the death of his assassins Jon gives up his title of Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

Screenshot (72)

Before Jon was officially resurrected my husband wondered if Jon would have to keep is vows if he returned from the dead and it now appears that he doesn’t.

It seems as though the show is inches away from revealing who Jon’s mother is and now that Jon is free from his vows it seems that his part of the story is about to head in a completely new and exciting direction. I can’t wait for episode 4.

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