Côte d’Azur-Le Neuvième Jour-Day 9

The last full day of any vacation is a mixed bag. You have to face the sad reality that your fantasy life away from home is coming to an end but you also want to enjoy every second of it for that exact reason. My husband and I faced those exact emotions when we woke up on our last full day in Nice. First sadness.


But then excitement over the fact that there was still more to see.


After the breakfast buffet we got dressed. Before we could head our for the day we had to check in and pick our seats for our flight the next day. After about a dozen attempts of trying to check in on my laptop my husband decided to just download the British Airways app onto his phone. Thankfully, we were finally able to check in via the app. Once we were checked in we headed out for our last day.

Our first stop was a museum not too far from our hotel called Musee Massena.


What is great about the location of Musee Massena is that is was not only close to our hotel but  it was across the street from the Hotel Negresco and along the Promenade de Anglais so it made for some great views once we reached it.


We took lots of pictures of the outside of the museum.


It was a very beautiful building.


We had to take a lot of pictures outside because there were no pictures allowed inside.


The museum was filled with lots of beautiful art. I think my favorite part of the museum was an area that used to be a conservatory back when the museum was a residence. As beautiful as all the art was my favorite part about  our visit to the Musee Massena was a temporary exhibit to the work of the German Jewish artist Chalotte Salomon. Her life was shown through her artistic project known as “Life or Theater”. Her story broke my heart. After escaping Germany she hid out in the southern France during the Holocaust only to end up being sent to Auschwitz anyway. Not only did she have to battle the awful Antisemitism of the Nazis but she also had to battle a horrible family history of depression. Her art and life were both inspiring and tragic. Her work and story alone made the Musee Massena worth the visit. When we were done with the  museum we took several more pictures outside and then continued on our day.


We made our way back to the old part of Nice one last time. We made a couple stops at souvenir shops to buy our last batch of souvenirs. As we made our way  through the old part of Nice we stopped by several landmarks. We went by the Opera House.


We took pictures in front of the Palais de Justice.


We checked out both the inside and the outside of  a church called Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate.


We considered getting some gelato but the weather was turning colder and colder with each passing minute so we decided against it. Our next landmark was also our final museum the Palais Lascaris.


Our ticket to the Musee Massena allowed us to get into Palais Lascaris with out having to buy another ticket, which was really nice. Palais Lascaris used to be the home of a musician and has since been turned into a museum with lots of classic old instruments. There was some instruments I had never seen before including a combination harp and piano. Although we weren’t supposed to take any picture we did sneak a few in (but we did do it without a flash as to not bring attention to ourselves).


We didn’t get into trouble so it was worth it! Our last stop for pictures in old town Nice was a church called Chapelle de la Miséricorde.


We then headed for a bus stop to catch the bus back to our hotel. According to google there would be four buses that would be going by that stop in a fifteen minute period that would take us back to our hotel. Since we had saved our last pass  on our ten pass ticket for this ride it was perfect. Because there were so many different bus lines that could take us to our hotel we figured we were in good shape. We got to bus stop and we waited. And we waited. And we waited. Something wasn’t right. Three different buses had been scheduled to go through the stop since we had arrived but we had not seen any buses. We waited a little bit longer. The time for two of the buses to come by a second time came and went with no buses. Then we noticed that we hadn’t seen the tram go buy the whole time we had been waiting. The wind had picked up and we were both very cold and tired. We waited a few more minutes and then go fed up. We decided to just walk back to our hotel. It was a walk we had done before but it really sucked doing it because we had thought we would be taking the bus. My husband suspected that maybe the bus drivers were on strike. That seemed like a very  real possibility; after all the French are known for striking. The walk back to the hotel felt endless.

Finally, we got back to the hotel. We were both really tired and really cold. We had to relax and warm up a little bit. Then we had to deal with the reality of our vacation coming to an end. We began packing. It took a little bit of balancing act to make sure we weren’t over the weight limit. We both had to move some clothing to our carry on backpacks but since we had our travel luggage scale we knew exactly where we stood, which was good.

When we were done packing up we headed out for our last dinner. For our last meal in Nice we returned to our favorite restaurant, Rina. This was our third time and the people working there remembered us from our other two visits. They even asked us if we wanted “our” table back. We felt very special. To start we split an order of escargot.


I had the absolutely delicious Salade Niçoise that my husband had enjoyed to nights before.


My husband had chicken skewers.


I also ordered a citrus tart for desert.


After diner we took a couple final pictures in front of our favorite restaurant before heading back to our hotel.


Back at the hotel we were both sad. Thankfully, we didn’t have a super early flight be we did have to get up at 7 the next morning to make sure we had plenty of time to eat, shower and get to the airport. It had been a great trip and neither one of us were looking forward to next day of flying halfway around the world but that is part of traveling.

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