Côte d’Azur- Le Huitième Jour-Day 8

As my husband and I ate at the breakfast buffet on the morning of the eighth day  of our trip we had a final decision to make. We had slept in until 9:30 because we had said we were going to take it easy. Yet, we had given ourselves the option of changing our minds. As much as I wanted to go to St. Paul de Vence I also knew that it would be nice to take it a little bit easy on our second to last day in Nice. So I stuck with the plan of staying in Nice and didn’t advocate for a change of plans.

After showering we headed out for the day. Although we were taking it easy there were still several things we wanted to see. The first thing we were interested in seeing was the outside of museum near our hotel called Musee des Beaux-Arts. Although we weren’t planning on going into the museum we did want to see the outside because it was once the home of Ukrainian princess. Although the museum was close to our hotel it was up a hill. When we got to the museum we took some pictures.


It was a very beautiful building.


We decided not to go into the museum and just check out the outside. I noticed that  my back was starting to bother me so I didn’t sit down while my husband briefly rested on a bench. I stead I just stretched, it made sense that my back was bothering me. Because of the cold before we left on our trip it had been almost two weeks since I had been to the gym.

Our next stop was quite a healthy walk away. The best walking route according to google was to walk around the hill that we had just climbed. The walk took us buy a strange looking house that looked like a castle.


It also gave us a view of the freeway. Which I actually found kind of interesting.


As we reached the other side of the hill we got our first glimpse of our next destination…The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice!


When I had read about the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice in our guide book about the south of France I knew I wanted to see it. I have always has an interest in the Russian style; maybe it’s because I was a kid in the 1980’s and I’ve always been fascinated with the other side of the cold war. I have always wanted to visit Russia but I don’t see that happening anytime soon because of their horrible anti-gay laws. Since I won’t be visiting Russia anytime soon I figured the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice was my best opportunity to see  something that has a very distinct Russian flavor while in Europe without actually going to Russia.

We have seen many impressive catholic Churches on our visits to Europe. I love each and every  one of them. However, it was really cool to see a church that had a different look and feel to it.


The classic onion dome of Russian architecture was really cool to see in person.


There is no doubt that the church was a Christian church.


However, the differences were quite noticeable. We walked around the outside and took lots of pictures.


We then headed inside to. Once we were inside the church the people working at the church wanted us to leave our bags by the door. Although we followed their instructions I was a little nervous of leaving our bags in a location where they weren’t secure. I wanted to take pictures inside the church and I was allowed to but only after paying one Euro to do so. So I paid the Euro and my husband and I sat out to check out the inside of the church. After my husband took a picture of me.


I went to take a picture of him, but before I could I was told by the woman working that we couldn’t take pictures of other  people. My husband had suspected as much but since I hadn’t been sure we had gone for it.  I feel like since I was the one taking the picture when we got busted  I was put on the woman’s shit list for the rest of our time inside the church. Oh well. Anyway, the inside of the church was very impressive.


Just like the outside of the church it was interesting to compare and contrast it to the catholic churches we have seen in other parts of France and Spain.


After checking out the inside of the church I purchased a magnet and a postcard. The woman working gave my husband a free candle to light. I found this kind of funny since I’m much more religious/spiritual than my husband and I was the one who had paid the Euro to take pictures and I bought the magnet and postcard. I think the woman gave him the candle instead of me because I was the one who she had seen taking a picture of another person. Still, I’m glad at least one of us got to light a candle in the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice.


After visiting the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice we ate our snack bars at a nearby park. The park wasn’t that nice but it provided us a place to eat so it go the job done. I wanted to do a little more clothes shopping so we made our way back towards the promenade where all the clothing stores are. Our walk took us by the Nice train station one last time. We were both a little sad that we wouldn’t be going anywhere else on the train.


I went shopping at a store called Bershka. I knew they might have some clothes that I would like because I had bought leather jacket that I love at one of their locations in Madrid back in 2011 on our  first trip to Europe. My husband wasn’t interested in going to the store so he waited outside on a nearby bench and played around on his phone. Since I knew my  husband was waiting I was very focused on not taking too much time. I settled on a pair of shorts and a shirt. Combined with the three shirts I bought on our first full day in Nice I was quite happy with my new clothes.

We then headed down to La Promenade du Paillon, the park that has the tram line running along the side of it that we visited our first full day in Nice. We both were a bit silly and played around a little bit in the fountain area.
















Then we found a grassy area to relax. This was a great thing for my back. Being able to stretch on the hard ground and do some abdominal exercises made a world of difference and by the time we got up my back didn’t hurt nearly as much as it did before. As we made our way to the end of La Promenade du Paillon we were amused with a cool children’s playground that looked like a whale.


We also checked out a photography exhibit.









Then we followed up the photography exhibit with a bit of a wild goose chase to the marina. Although things on our wild goose chase did not turn out the way we had hoped we did get to see another church.


We also checked out Place Garibaldi one last time.


Following our wild goose chase we headed back to La Promenade du Paillon for the final time. Ever since our trip to Germany in 2013 we have been talking about just hanging out at a park sometime and reading a book or writing while on vacation in Europe. Since we had some time to spare and we both had books with us and I had my journal we decided to take another break the grassy area. My husband read.


Meanwhile I wrote in my journal and then read a book also.


It was really, really nice to just take it easy. I would have loved to have relaxed and read longer but the sun was just about to set and my husband was getting cold so we put our books back in our bags and went to find a place to have dinner.

We both wanted to eat dinner in the old part of Nice one more time. My husband specifically wanted to try risotto at one of the restaurants he had seen on our first full day in Nice. We found one that had a duck risotto that we were both interested in. The restaurant also had a nice indoor seating area that allowed us to both be warm and avoid smokers.

I ordered a glass of wine. I prefer white wine but I figured I should try a glass of red while we were in France.


It was actually pretty good…as red wine goes. My husband rarely drinks alcohol so he ordered a non alcoholic cocktail.


I have to admit that his drink was actually better than my glass of wine.

The duck risotto was excellent.


And for desert I ordered Creme Brulee, which was great!


My husband had another desert, but I don’t remember what is was called…LOL. But it was also very good.


After dinner we caught the bus to go back to our hotel. Our ten ride bus and tram pass had only one ride left on it and we were saving it for the next day. Back at the hotel we had to start to deal with the reality that our vacation would be coming to an end soon. But we couldn’t really be that sad yet because we had one day left and we were determined to enjoy it.

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