Yesterday my husband and I went to see “Brooklyn”.


It was the sixth of the eight Best Picture nominees that I have seen.  I absolutely loved this film and I am 100% in agreement on the film getting nominated for Best Picture. The film is funny, touching, romantic and dramatic. It really does a great job of capturing the feeling of homesickness and the pull between worlds that happens when you move away from your family to start your own life.

The story is relatively simple (But that’s one of the many things that I loved it. I’m a huge fan of a simple story that is well told). It is the story of Eilis (Saoise Ronan) who moves from her small Irish village to Brooklyn, New York in 1951. There is little, other than her mother and sister, for her to stay in Ireland for as the film begins. That doesn’t mean that it is easy going once she arrives in the United States. Despite the fact that she doesn’t have to learn a new language she is faced with culture shock and nearly crippling homesickness as she tries to settle into her new life.


When she meets a young Italian man named Tony (Emory Cohen) things begin to change. As she begins to finally build her own life away from Ireland she is forced to confront what moving on truly means. At one point in the film she says her body is in Brooklyn but her heart is somewhere in the middle of the ocean, but her heart can’t stay there forever. And in the third act Eilis must truly decide what she wants her future to be.

Saoise Ronan is absolutely spectacular in the leading role.

Brooklyn girl

She creates a heroine that you truly feel for and that struggles with making the right decision. But what is the right decision? That is a question the film poses-Is the right decision the one that makes you happy or the one that makes your family happy? Is it the one that gives you a scary future full of new possibilities or one that keeps you in the safe past?

Emory Cohen also gives a great performance. He creates a moving portrait of a sweet man who just wants to find the right girl and have a family. The relationship between Eilis and Tony is a fantastic one.


Together they are so sweet and believable that you have to root for them.

Featured amongst the supporting cast is Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and Mad Men’s Jessica Pare. They are all good.

I highly recommend “Brooklyn” for anybody who likes a good movie.

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