Mad Max: Fury Road

When I was eight yeas old I saw “Max Max Beyond Thunderdome” a bunch of times because it was always on HBO.


I remember really liking it, although I haven’t seen it in many years. As much as I liked it I never saw any of the other original Mad Max films.

When I heard that they were making “Mad Max: Fury Road” I was not pleased.
I thought it was just another example of Hollywood not being able to leave well enough alone. But with director George Miller set to direct and Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron on board I thought it might be good. Then the previews come out and I thought it looked like a hot, hot mess. I figured I didn’t miss out on anything special….Cut to the last month. First, I hear rumblings of some minimal Oscar buzz for Charlize Theron. Then it started showing up on critics year end awards list. I figured it might be worth a watch after all. My curiosity was peaked when it was nominated for Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director at the Golden Globe awards last week.
So I got it on DVD from Netflix (yes, they still rent DVDs people) at watched it last Friday night. I don’t normally review films I see outside of the theater but I make exceptions for when it comes to awards season.
So what did I think of the movie you may ask? Well…it’s wasn’t the hot, hot mess I had feared it would be. But it certainly wasn’t one of the top ten films of the either. It is an intense almost non-stop action movie. But I’m sorry, it’s not art.
George Miller directs the shit of the movie and I can see why he’s getting recognized.
There is certainly a dystopian world that is created in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and all credit goes to Miller and his special effects team.
You don’t see a movie like “Mad Max: Fury Road” for the acting, but with that being said Charlize Theron manages to deliver a pretty solid performance. There isn’t much “acting” to do but she does a good job with what she has.
Nicholas Hoult is unrecognizable as the character of Nux. I think he actually give the strongest performance in the film, that makes sense since he’s the only one truly given an arc. As for Tom Hardy…He’s not bad but I’ve still yet to be impressed by him.
In the end I don’t mind that I saw “Mad Max: Fury Road”. I’m always happy to support Charlize Theron but let’s be honest if the film hadn’t somehow managed to get into the awards mix I probably would have never seen it. So in terms of if I would recommend it or not, if you like the Mad Max movies I’m guessing you’ve already seen it and if you haven’t it’s worth a watch. If you’ve never seen any of the first three Mad Max films there seems like there isn’t much of a point to introduce yourself to it now.
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