I’m not a big fan of remakes. I hate the term reboot even more. Yet, there were two films this summer that walked the fine line between remake and sequel. The first was “Jurassic World” (check out my review of the film: In many ways it was remake/reboot but technically it was “Jurassic Park 4”. The other movie that walks this line is “Vacation”. Obviously, it’s not a true sequel to the four previous Vacation films but since the franchise had always recast Rusty and Audrey it didn’t seem that weird to basically start from scratch all over again.

On the last Thursday of July I saw “Vacation”.


I normally don’t like silly comedies but I actually found this film really funny (despite a few homophobic moments). You don’t go see a vacation movie and expect to think. You go to see people do stupid stuff. Ed Helms is actually really great as the grown up Rusty Griswald.


Since Rusty had been played by four other actors there wasn’t a specific character he needed to stick too. What he does is create a spur of Chevy Chase’s Clark Griswald. There is just enough of Clark in the grown up Rusty to see the similarities but it’s not an exact copy. And isn’t that the case with many adult children compared to their older parents? Christina Applegate gets to shine in the mom role.


My favorite moment involves her running an obstacle course while drunk in an attempt to prove she’s still young. It, of course, makes me sad that Applegate is playing the mom but she does a fantastic job with this role.

As for the rest of the cast; the two actors that play the sons are quite effective. Leslie Mann is fine as the grown up Audrey but I think that they should have cast somebody else and/or given Audrey more screen time. Chris Hemsworth shows off his amazing body as Audrey’s husband but he doesn’t do much more than that. There are also a few fun cameos that I won’t spoil.

My biggest disappointment with the film was the very limited screen time of Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo.


I know that “Vacation 5” isn’t about them but they deserved more.

The film makes a Meta joke about this vacation being able to stand on even if you’ve near heard of the original vacation. That’s possible. But since I am a child of the 80’s I can’t see it through that lens. I do know I liked it. It’s what you would expect from a vacation movie and I’m glad I saw it in the theatre. If you like the Vacation franchise this is worth your time.

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