Return to España Day 14-From Seville to Los Angeles

I love traveling long distances. Or rather I love to visit places that a far away from where I live. But the price you have to pay for those trips are the plane rides to get there and back again. As unpleasant as our plane ride from Los Angeles to Barcelona had been at the start of our trip the return trip from Seville to Los Angeles was even more complicated. Why? Because the airport in Seville is not an international one so we couldn’t fly back via London. Our return trip took us from Seville to Madrid to Boston and then, and only then, back to Los Angeles.

When the alarm when off on the day we were to return to Los Angeles we were sad but more tired than anything.


Although our flight wasn’t super early we wanted to make sure we gave ourselves more than enough time to get to the airport.

After showering and doing one last check of our hotel room for our stuff we checked out.

As I’ve mentioned several times we both way over packed at the start of our trip. This caused many adjustments to be made during the two weeks were gone. The final adjustment came when our backpacks had to be filled with everything we could fit in them in order to avoid a hundred Euro fee for our suitcases being over the weight limit. As we were waiting for the taxi to pick us up I used the scales in the lobby of our hotel to weigh our backpacks. My husband’s backpack weighed 18 pounds.


Since my laptop was in my backpack my backpack ended up weighing in a staggering 25 pounds!


Once we were at the airport in Seville we were again unimpressed with how dingy the airport was. We got there so early that we had about two hours before our flight after we check our bags in and got our boarding passes (we were both 1.5 kilos underweight!). We ate breakfast and then just waited. I always have an urge to buy stuff when I’m at the airport at the end of a trip. It’s almost as if I believe that if I spend more money in the place I’m visiting it will keep the trip going longer. Yet, I didn’t find anything I wanted at the airport in Seville. I was still looking for more clothes that weren’t obvious tourist type clothes. The airport in Seville just didn’t have anything like that. I hoped that maybe our layover in Madrid would give me a chance to pop into a store there.

We waited out the last hour before our flight by the gate and tried to get some sleep.


Once we were on the flight to Madrid we knew things were really coming to an end.


The flight from Seville to Madrid was only about an hour long.

We loved our time in Madrid in 2011.


We were kind of excited to be back in the airport again.


However, our layover was very short and we had to switch terminals. Although official airport website said the switch would only take three minutes it took a lot longer. The three minutes was only for the train ride.


In both Terminals we had to walk from one end to the other. We both like the airport but it was a pain to have to rush. If we had been given an additional thirty minutes we would have had time for me to pop my head into a clothing store (there were lots at the Madrid airport) and/or get a proper lunch. But as it was we had to rush and buy our food a Starbucks. If I could get only one meal in Madrid I certainly hadn’t dreamed it would be from Starbucks but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I was annoyed because all of the flights that were flying from Madrid to the US were at the end of the Terminal and were roped off. There was an extra layer of security that we had to go through. I just don’t believe that this was necessary and I feel like it was just the US Government making people go through more security just for the sake of it.

Once we got seats we only had about ten minutes to eat. The only cool thing about our layover in Madrid was that while we were eating we had a celebrity sighting. Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci (the bald head behind us in the picture) was sitting near us.


As luck would have it there was a direct light leaving from Madrid to Los Angeles that was boarding right about the same time as our flight from Madrid to Boston was boarding. We both wished we were on the direct flight back home, with Mr. Tucci. The thought of having to switch planes again in New England was not appealing.

Our flight from Madrid to Boston was very nice.


We really like the seating set up on the plane we were on and we both enjoyed the flight entertainment.


However, once we landed in Boston the drama began. Of all the countries I’ve visited only the United States is the one country that makes you feel the most unwelcome. Since Boston was our point of entry we had to go through customs and immigration there. The set up they had was very complicated. They had machines to scan your passport that didn’t save anytime at all and then we got put in the long line. The immigration officer was slow and very rude to us. Then we had to board a bus to go to another terminal. It was cold and we were tired and over it. To make matters worse my husband lost his travel pillow.

If our flight from Madrid to Boston was a dream then our flight from Boston to Los Angeles was a nightmare.


The seating situation was super squished and since it was a domestic flight nothing was included. We had to pay for food and entertainment. There was no way I could stand the thought of sitting on a plane for another five plus hours without anything to watch so I purchased the in-flight entertainment. It did help but we were both so tired.

Since we had already gone through customs in Boston getting out of LAX after we landed was pretty quick. We got a taxi home. It felt totally surreal to be back in the city of Angeles, as it always does.

When we walked in our apartment our cat was incredibly happy to see us.


It was been an amazing trip. We had two days to readjust to being in California before returning to work.

As rough as the plane rides were we can’t wait to do another international trip again as soon as possible.

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