Return to España Day 13-Last day in Sevilla and España

It is human nature to want vacations to last forever. However, when I woke up on the thirteenth day of our trip to Spain I knew that wishing for anymore would be downright greedy. We had never been to Europe for two whole weeks before and besides as much as I want to pretend I’m independently wealthy I did have to get back to work. So, instead of being sad that it was our last day in Spain I decided to just enjoy it as much as I could.

My husband was exhausted on the morning of our last full day.


He has some problems with his feet and the massive amount of walking had finally caught up with him. After showering we ate a light breakfast at the hotel. In order to give our feet a bit of a break we decided to take a cab to our first destination instead of walking. Not only would it give our aching feet a rest it would save us some time as well. On our cab ride we did get to see a slightly different part of the city which was kind of cool.


Our first destination for day 13 was the Cathedral of Seville. When the cab dropped us off the sun was shining. We took a few pictures before getting in line for the Cathedral.


We tried to enjoy the sun as much as possible because a massive rainstorm was heading our way.


It turns out the Cathedral of Seville is the third biggest church in the world behind St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City and Basilica of the National Shrine of our Lady of Aparecida in Aparecida, Brazil.


The line to get in was kind of long but thankfully it moved pretty quickly.

Once inside there was a lot to see. First we visited the museum portion of the church.


Then we moved on to the central part of it. There were, of course, lots and lots of chapels dedicated to various saints.


It was a very beautiful church.


We took lots and lots of pictures.


I once again said a prayer for my grandfather with his rosary.


One of the things I most wanted to see at the Cathedral was the tomb which supposedly holds the remains of Christopher Columbus.


I by no means celebrate Columbus as an amazing hero. However, I do see him as a man of his time. In reality he was no better or worse than most of the other Europeans on the late 1400s. Who knows if the tomb actually holds his remains but it was kind of cool to see.


Speaking of Columbus there was one room that had a bunch of gold and silver items that had been brought over from the new world in the 1500s and 1600s.


Last year I visited Peru (check out my blog on the day I toured Cuzco: it was interested to juxtapose the view of these “treasures”. For the Spanish and the Catholic Church they were symbols of triumph in the new world.


For the Incas they were a symbol of their culture and religion being crushed.

We were probably on the ground level of the Cathedral for at least two hours before we began the climb to the top of the church, which is called La Giralda.


It was a long climb but it was different than other long climbs we have done on our travels. What made this climb relatively easy was that it was all on a ramp rather than stairs. We took several pictures on our way up.


It was nice to see to see Seville from above.


It was a total of thirty-four floors up.


When we got to the top we saw that the rainstorm had finally arrived. We took in the views before heading down.


By the time we got back down to the ground level it was pouring rain. We tried to wait it out by going the gift shop. While we were at the gift shop my poor packing came back to haunt me yet again. I really wanted to by a jar of marmalade that had been made from the fruit trees of the Cathedral but I knew the glass of the jar would weigh a lot. I made the decision not to by the marmalade to try to avoid being over the weight of my suitcase. It was a tough decision to make but it was the right one. My husband bought himself a t-shirt (unfortunately, it was in a sealed package and when he tried it on back in Los Angeles he found out that it was a women’s t-shirt that was way too small for him so he had to give it to his sister). When we emerged from the gift shop it was still pouring rain. This was disappointing because it meant that we would not get to explore the gardens.


We tried to wait it out a little bit more by eating our snack bars but the rain wouldn’t let up.

It seemed like a waste to wait around much longer. The clock was counting down on what was left of our trip so we put up our umbrellas and brave the storm. The rain was super intense and the streets were starting to flood a little bit. I had seen something I wanted to buy at a tourist shop by the bullfighting ring several days before and I knew it was my last chance to buy it was we went out of our way to swing by the shop again. It was very stressful walking in the rain. There was so much water that it became impossible to get by the puddles. It was just a matter of which one you decided to step in. Of course, our shoes got wet.

Not long after I made my purchase the rain let up. The storm had probably only lasted an hour but it was very intense. We decided to head back to the hotel room but before we did we stopped by a bakery for a sweet treat.


It had been my husband’s impromptu idea and it was good one.

When we got back to the room we worked on packing up our stuff. Luckily, our hotel had a scale where we could weigh our suitcases for one Euro. This was such a blessing for us. Since we were both worried about being over the weight limit we were able to work to balance things out. We both threw out several pair of beat up socks and underwear. We also decided to put all of our jeans in our carry on back packs. It took a couple tries but we got our suitcases under the weight limit.

It was still early enough for us to head out again and since the rain had passed all we had to do was make sure our shoes were dry. I had to resort to using the hair dryer but it worked.

The last part of Seville we wanted to see was the gay area located in a neighborhood called La Macarena. We once again took a taxi to our destination. Several of the gay bars of Seville are located around a street called Alameda de Hercules so we had the cab drop us there.


Much to my husband’s dismay I had decided that when we visited the neighborhood of La Macarena I had to listen to the song La Macarena and do the Macarena dance. So I put on my headphones and went for it.


I knew that the chances of me ever going back to that neighborhood are slim so I saw it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.


My husband was mortified but I had a great time.


Things felt especially crazy when several little boys ran up and did the dance along with me.

After my fantastic display of dance moves it was time to try to find a gay bar. As if my dance wasn’t gay enough.


Unfortunately, we were there way too early and none of the bars were open.


I was also looking for a clothing store to buy some non-tourist type clothes. That was also kind of a bust.

We, reluctantly, came to the conclusion that our gay Seville experience just wasn’t meant to be so we began to make our way to the actual church of La Macarena.


When we got to the church was took some pictures on the outside but since there was a mass going on we weren’t allowed to take any pictures on the inside.


One unexpected thing about visiting the church of La Macarena was getting to see the old walls of the city.


There is a big section that is still intact.


I really enjoyed seeing this and I really appreciate that Seville has kept it up.


So many other European cities have torn their walls down.

We took a few pictures of the beautiful gardens of a government building. 


We then hoped back in a taxi. It was time to wrap things up so our taxi took us back towards our hotel. We had decided to return to the restaurant where we had eaten the night before.

Luckily, as our taxi was pulling to a stop I spotted a store where I saw some clothes. It was my last chance to buy some non-tourist clothes and I hoped the store would have something I would like. I did purchase a shirt. It wasn’t necessarily what I had wanted on an ordinary day but it worked.


I really regretted not doing my clothes shopping in Barcelona but given the extra expenses we occurred in Seville it was probably for the best.

Our final diner in Spain was one for the ages. We got several amazing small dishes.


Each one was fantastic.


I got a glass of wine to complement the incredible food.


As great as the food was the most shocking part was our bill. All that amazing food and my glass of wine cost us only a little more than twenty Euros.


We couldn’t believe it!

After dinner we went for one last little walk before going back to our hotel. Our last full day in Spain had come to an end. The next morning we would have to get up early and take three flights to get back to Los Angeles. It was not a journey we were looking forward to but that is the price you pay for traveling to amazing places like Barcelona and Seville.

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